Contemporary Makers

AAFAb BV-NLNetherlandsJeremiestraat 4-6, NL-3511 TW Utrecht+31 (0)30 231 63 93+31 (0)30 231 23 50[email protected] Aura, Conservatorium, Coolsma, Zamra and some Dolmetsch recorders. Some of the Coolsma instruments are available in imitation ivory. Offer their own series of Coolsma Millenium square-profile bass recorders in C and sub-bass in F, presumably modelled on the Dolmetsch Millenium
Arne AakreNorway890 Ytre Vinje[email protected]Maker of sjøfløyte (seflute,a kind of folk recorder).
Adler-Heinrich Blockflötenbau GmbHGermanyKürten-Busch– Scholar, sSATB wooden recorders for students
– Kids, a two-piece wooden soprano recorder for children
– Ecole, three-piece wooden soprano and alto recorders, voiced by Res Neuenschwander
– Vogtland, a full-sounding two-piece soprano recorder available in maple or plastic
– Venus, a two-piece wooden soprano recorder for beginners
– Weltmeister, a two-piece wooden soprano recorder painted in bright colours
– Scholar, a family of recorders (sSAT) designed for beginers
– Filius recorders, an entire family of recorders (sSATB) designed specifically for players with smaller hands
– Royal recorders, a family of recorders (sSATB) which represent a further development of the instruments first made by Alexander Heinrich in 1928
– Triple recorders, a family of recorders (SAT) of distinctive exterior design
– Arte recorders, a family of recorders (sSATB) which includes a tenor with an optional c# key operated by the little finger of the left hand
– Meister, a family of neo-baroque recorders (sSATB) which represent a further development of the instruments first made by Alexander Heinrich in 1928
– alto after Johann Benedikt Gahn
– Trichterflöten or bell recorders
– Hirtenflöte (shepherd’s flute, a soprano recorder of narrow & short bore proportions)
The two Vogtland companies Johannes Adler and Alexander Heinrich merged prior to the dismemberment of the DDR. However, they ceased production in 2007. Some of their designs continued to be made for a while by Ulrich Hahl who set up an independent workshop of his own but that, too, soon failed.
The new Adler-Heinrich bell recorders designed by Klaus Grunwald were similar in appearance to renaissance recorders, with a wide, largely cylindrical bore, a simple external profile, and large single tone holes with a raised tone-hole for the lowest finger. But their most striking feature was their large, flared, wooden or metal bell. Thus they differed radically from traditional designs. These instruments were said to produce an extremely loud, full sound from bottom to top, and offer a wide variety of alternate fingerings which permit dynamic variation. It was claimed that a much greater range of breath pressures could be used than on traditional instruments, and that a remarkable variety of articulations was also possible, allowing them to compete successfully with loud modern instruments such as piano, saxophone. Soprano and alto models were available and there were plans to produce all sizes from sopranino to great bass in a variety of woods.
Aesthé [Aesthe]CanadaJean-Luc Boudreau, 205 Sunnyside, Rosemère, Québec J7A 1N7+1 450 979-6091, 1-888-979-6091 (toll free in America)+1 450 979-4551[email protected] & baroque-style recorders at A=440 & 415
American Music RecordersUnited States of America (USA)Unknown1-piece plastic recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Heinz AmmannSwitzerlandSchönenwerdweg 10, CH-8832 Wollerau+ 41 1687 2496+41 1784 9728[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Aardenberg, Boekhout, Bressan, Haka, Heerde, Jacob Denner, Rottenburgh, Schell, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, Reich,
Giacomo AndreolaItalyVia 4 Novembre 51, 23100 Sondrio+39 0342 214739+39 0342 214739[email protected]Van Eyck (transitional) recorders; alto baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Stanesby and Steenbergen (at 415 / 440 Hz); voice flute after Bressan & Denner (at 415 Hz).The instruments are built with a lot of passion and great attention to detail. They are notable for their refined appearance (other than boxwood, ebony and amboina-briar wood is used for elegant contrast). The homogenity of their sound tends to a lovely dark colour, rich in harmonics, precise in pitch, and with easy response in every register.
Andreola also offers recorders with a specially constructed beak (copied from a brilliant idea of the famous recorder maker Claude Monin) which allows one to change the windway as needed, offering many advantages.
Angel Musical Instrument Co. LtdRepublic of Korea46 Jakhyeon-gil (Songsan-dong), Hwangseong-si
445-370 Gyeonggi-do
+82 31 258 1458+82 31 205 9011[email protected] an outstanding range of inexpensive plastic recorders, including instruments in neo-renaissance and neo-baroque style including black with white mounts, transparent with coloured mounts and simulated wood-grain. Also manufacture plastic recorders for a number of other makers. Bass recorders are available in bocal or knick-system designs.Their Facebook page is here
ArielIsraelZamir Recorder Industry, Kibbutz-Gevim, D.N. Hof Ashkelon 79165Plastic and wooden neo-baroque recorders.Trademark of Zamir Recorder Industry.
Sadly, Zamir ceased production in 2005.
Anthony ArnoldUnited Kingdom (UK)47 Church Street, Bramcote, Nottingham NG9 3HD+44 0115 922 6631Renaissance & baroque recorders after Bressan, Beukers, Denner & Stanesby.Website no longer extant.
Joël ArpinFrance104, rue de Moulignon, F – 77860 Quincy-Voisins+33 (0)1 60 04 82 71+33 (0)1 60 04 82 71[email protected] recorders after Terton (sopranino and soprano), Bressan (alto), Denner (voice-flute); early baroque alto recorders (Bassano style) at 415 or 440 Hz.Currently has a number of instruments immediately available.
Ragnar ArvidssonSwedenTättingegatan 6, S 426 69 Västra Frölunda+46 031 29 74 42[email protected]Baroque recorders after Bressan, Haka & Stanesby, and after his own design.
RA recorders are novel instruments of Arvidsson’s own design with a unique bore derived from his engineering experience of microwave waveguide systems in radar and telecommunication equipment. They have the sound of renaissance recorders (close to Ganassi) but are played with neo-baroque fingering. They have a full chromatic range of 2 octaves (plus some extra high notes).
Hulthèn, A.L.(1997).
AulosJapanToyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd, 41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061+81 3 9608305+81 3 5916 2877[email protected] recorders, also fifes and baroque flutesTrademark of Toyama Musical Instruments.
AuraNetherlandsAAFAb BV-NL, Jeremiestraat 4-6, NL-3511 TW Utrecht+31 0302 31693+31 0302 312350[email protected] recorders.Trademark of AAFAb.
Bare Bones RecordersUnited States of America (USA)UnknownplasticPossibly made for West Music who sell them with their tutors.
Daniel BariauxBelgiumAvenue Buysdell 38, 1180 Bruxelles+32 02 374 1688Baroque- and renaissance-style recorders to his own designs.Working with his wife, Annie Sturbois.
Bartlett Historical WoodwindsUnited States of America (USA)7130 Maryland Ave, St Louis MO 63130Baroque recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
James F. Bartram Jr Historical WoodwindsUnited States of America (USA)605 NE 6th St, Coupeville, WA 98239+1 360-678-9272[email protected] American warranty service representative for Küng recorders.Jim is now undertaking recorder re-voicing for any recorders, including those he made while still an active maker. He plans to recommence recorder-making shortly.
Jean-François BeaudinCanada312 Chemin Richford Rd, Frelighsburg, PQ J0J 1C0+1 450- 298-5161[email protected] French baroque recorders by Depuis (alto A=415 Hz, tenor in C at A=392 & 415 Hz), Rippert (alto at A=392 Hz).
Also makes baroque flutes by Quantz, Rippert and Lecler.
Jean-François Beaudin is a player and maker of early flutes and recorders who has gained an international reputation through his drawings of original instruments and his reproductions of them. He has played the recorder since he was 9 and the flute since he was 20, completed a degree at the University of Montréal (Quebec) in 1978, and from 1978 to 1980 studied the recorder with Michael Barker and Ricardo Kanji, and traverso with Bart Küyken at The Hague Conservatory (Netherlands).
In order to pursue his studies of the music of Hotteterre and composers of his time, Jean-François made a reconstruction of an alto recorder by Dupuis. This led to further reproductions after originals by Wijne Stanesby Jnr, Bressan, Bizey and Ganassi. During his time in Holland, Jean-François met and studied with the Australian recorder maker Fred Morgan and continued his work with him in Daylesford, Victoria during 1986. More recent collaborations have been with Olivier Cottet and Marc Ecochard, and Philippe Bolton in the south of France. He is currently working towards a reconstruction of a tenor recorder by Stanesby Jr.
Bel CantoJapanToyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd, 41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061+81 3 9608305+81 3 5916 2877[email protected] recorders (sopranino & soprano).Trademark of Toyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd.
Bellwood Violin & Recorder Repair (Stephen Bacon)United States of America (USA)330 E Hersey #11, Ashland OR 97250-1217+1 (541)482-1436[email protected] recorders after Kynsecker; baroque recorders after Bressan & Stanesby Jr; 1-piece student soprano recordersAlso carries out original instrument restoration.
Ture Bergstrøms Instrumentbyggeri [Bergstrom]DenmarkBrinken 68, Mogenstrup, DK-4700 Næstved+45 55 77 43 00 (landline) & +45 26 44 92 29 (mobile)[email protected] renaissance recorders closely based on surviving museum instruments, scaled to A=440 Hz, meantone tuning, with historical fingering (sopranino to contrabass). Also a van Eyck soprano in c”, after the Rosenborg Castle
Vincent BernolinFrance12 rue de la plaine, 34120 Castelnau de Guers+33 (0)4 67 35 97 80[email protected] recorders after Bassano, Raffi, Ganassi & van Eyck; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner & Stanesby.Has also developed Allegro, a construction process which prevents condensation in the windway.
Phil G. BleazeyUnited Kingdom (UK)16 Ullswater Road, Lancaster LA1 3PP+44 01524 66875[email protected] & renaissance recorders; also flutes, whistles &
Stephan BlezingerGermanyKarl-Marx-Strasse 8, D-99817 Eisenach+49 03691 21 23 46+49 03691 21 23 48[email protected] recorders after Kynseker; Ganassi recorders; Baroque recorders after Bressan, J. Denner, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen, Wijne.Blezinger’s alto recorder after J. Denner received the German Musical Instruments Award 1996. Stephan is assisted by Thomas Schremmer.
Thomas C. BoehmUnited States of America (USA)Renaissance style recorders; baroque recorders after Steenbergen & Bressan; modern recorders in wood or plexiglass.No longer makes recorders.
Contact details unknown
Michel van den BogaertNetherlandsWesterse Drift 59, 9752 LC Haren+31 50 5424588[email protected] recorder maker who reports: Although I am very enthusiastic, at the moment I am not very productive. I have been busy with an exact copy of a Bressan alto from the Brüggen collection and with a 415 Hz version of the same
Philippe BoltonFrance22 Le Grand Portail, 84570 Villes sur Auzon+33 4 90 61 86 11+33 4 90 61 97 82[email protected] recorders; Ganassi recorders; transitional (pre-baroque) soprano and g’ alto recorders after Haka (Edinburgh University Collection) 440 & 415 & 466 Hz and tenor after an anonymous Italian instrument in Vienna 440 & 466 Hz; baroque recorders after Bizey, Hotteterre, Stanesby Jr, Wijne; electro-acoustic
Jean-Luc BoudreauCanada205 Sunnyside, Rosemére, Québec J7A 1N7+1 450 979-6091, 1-888-979-6091 (toll free in America)+1 450 979-4551[email protected] recorders; transitional recorders after Ganassi, Bassano, van Eyck; baroque recorders after Denner, Steenbergen, Bressan, Debey; Aesthé
M.C.J. BouterseNetherlandsSandenburg 29, 2402 Rj Alphen, A/D Rijn+31 0172 445957+31 0172 445957[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Wijne, Terton, Beukers,
Adriana BreukinkNetherlandsNieuwe Schoolweg 28, NL-7514 CG Enschede+31 53 435 4951+31 53 432 9332[email protected] recorders after Bassano, Schnitzer; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Denner, Stanesby Jr; Slide recorders; ‘Dream’ recorders
Co-designer with Geri Bollinger of the wide-bore ‘Eagle’ recorders with adjustable metal labium, octave key and an extended range.
In partnership with Joachim Kunath, developed the Eagle Ganassi alto and soprano.
Breukink is also the designer of Moeck’s Slide recorder and Mollenahauer’s Dream recorder.
See Myllä (2022).
Adrian BrownNetherlandsLandstraat 6, 7126AT Bredevoort,+31 648 115 476+31 020 668 7283[email protected] recorders. Renaissance recorders after various makers; baroque recorders after Bizey, Denner & Stanesby Jr.Sometimes has second-hand and unusual instruments for sale.
Intervew with Adrian Brown by Charles Fischer, from ARTAfacts (15 December 2003.
Timothy BurnettUnited States of America (USA)10 Hancock Street, Winchester MA 01890+1 617 721 1583Baroque recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
CambridgeUnited States of America (USA)3800 Kelley Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114Plastic recorders.Trademark of Trophy. I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Brian CarlickUnited Kingdom (UK)Barn Cottage, Church Lane, Charlton on Otmoor, Kidlington, Oxon OX5 2UA+44 01865 331493 & baroque recorders; 3-holed pipes. Undertakes maintainance of pipe organs and tuning of harpsichords in and around
CantoUnknownUnknownPlastic recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Chen Han Co., Plastic Musical Instruments Factory Co., LtdTaiwanNO 26, Lane 375, Huach+886 2 299 24510+886 2 299 18287[email protected] and German-fingered plastic recorders, some in bright colours.Manufacture recorders for other brands and to custom designs. Also produce pan flutes.
Unfortunately, their web-site seems to have disappeared.
Choroi InstrumentenbauSwitzerlandSt. Urbanstr. 23, CH 4901 Langenthal(+41) (0) 62 963 1143(+41) (0) 62 963 1147[email protected] include:
– diatonic c flute with either simple or German fingering
– pentatonic flute d”-e”-g”-a”’-b”’-d””-e””.
– interval flute with only one finger hole & two notes each. 3 tunings: d”-g”, d”-a”, e”-b”.
Choroi instruments are designed to make pentatonic music in groups. The distinctive features of the Choroi flutes are their mild, light and flexible tone and a correspondingly simple, sculpted form. They are made of wood, each in one piece. The mellow tone makes them especially suitable for group playing.
The Interval and Pentatonic Flutes were created to fill the need for high quality wind instruments in pedagogical work with younger children. With their simple scales they are ideal for improvisation, individually or in a group.
Other flutes at lower pitches are available. There are also Alto (F) and Tenor (C) Flutes, as well as an A Flute (slightly larger than the C Flute) and a solo D Flute.
Charles CollierUnited States of America (USA)PO Box 9442, Berkeley, CA 94709
1615 Grant Street, Berkeley, CA 94703
+1 415 845 6389[email protected] recorders after originals in Vienna.Charles no longer makes instruments, alas, but still likes to hear from his old customers.
Gary Cook (formerly ‘Malvern Recorders’)United States of America (USA)3393 O’Hara Drive, Beavercreek, OH 45434+1 937 427 1396[email protected]Medieval, renaissance, Ganassi, transitional and baroque
Marsyas Blockflöten GmbhSwitzerlandSchönenwerdweg 10, CH-8832 Wollerau+41 1 687 2498+41 1 784 9728[email protected] consort recorders (SATB) designed by Heinz Ammann, manufactured by Andreas & Thomas Küng, voiced and tuned by Christoph Trescher.The same team have recently developed a new line which they call Heitz.
Bob MarvinCanada620 Tout-de-joie, Woburn, QC G0Y1R0
American Postbox: Box 129, Eustis ME 04936, USA
+1 819 544 2091 recorders; renaissance consort recorders; Ganassi-style recorders; early baroque recorders; also flauti doppi (double recorders).Sadly, Bob Marvin passed away on 24 December 2018.
Terry McGeeAustralia61 Calder Crescent, Holder ACT 2611+61 (0)2 6288 8006+61 (0)2 6287 4263[email protected] is a flute-maker who offers a wide range of services to recorder players, including replacing worn tenon cork, repair of splits and cracks, rebushing thumb holes, repolishing bores and windways, sharpening flat recorders, fixing loose blocks, replacing pads, fixing keys, etc. Terry also makes custom fitted, lined cases for woodwind instruments.
Meinel Blockflöten [René Schlagel]GermanySchönbacher Str. 14, 08258 Markneukirchen OT Eubabrunn+49 (0)37422/61 63+49 (0)37422/6163[email protected]http://www.meinel-blockfloeten.deSchool recorders and baroque recorders. Also whistles (6-holed pipes) and swanee whistless.Meinel recorders seem to be made by René Schlagel who is the owner of the business. Schlagel began his career with his grandfather Helmut Meinel in 1984 and founded the current workshop in 1986.Instruments offered include school and baroque recorders, penatonic recorders, whistles (6-holed pipes), swanee whistles.
Meisterwerkstatt für BlockflötenbauGermanyButtlarerstr. 13, D-36093 Künzell+49 (0)661 30 20 97+49 (0)661 30 25 98Renaissance recorders; early baroque recorders.Also undertakes repairs.
Jürgen MeyenburgGermany Lethenbergweg 25, D – 53332 Bornheim+49 2227 929963[email protected]Active since 1981. Renaissance recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Terton, etc.
Meyerrecorders GmbHSwitzerlandKellen-Bendel 2565 9642 Ebnat-Kappel
Grundschwendistr. 3 9633 Bächli (Hemberg)
0041 76 348 23 20 (Sebastian) & 0041 76 348 23 20 (Joel)[email protected]; [email protected] recorders after Pierre Jaillard Bressan and Jacob Denner.Sadly, Ernst Meyer (b. 1954) passed away on 4 June 2016. His work is continued by his sons Sebastian and Joel, together with Madeleine Imbeck.
Thea Miller & Susan AndersonCanadaPO Box 850, Elora, Ontario NOB 1SO+1 519 846 5005Medieval recordersNo longer active. I would appreciate additional and missing data on these makers.
Moeck Music Instrumente und VerlagGermanyPostfach 3131, 29227 Celle
Lückenweg 4, 29227 Celle
+49 (05141) 8853-0+49 (05141) 8853-42[email protected] include:
– Plastic Recorders (Flauto I)
– Plastic head with wood body recorders (Flauto I Plus)
– Standard (Flauto Leggero) Recorders (now discontinued)
– Rondo Recorders (the alto, tenor and bass have curved windways, but not the soprano)
– Rottenburgh Recorders (modern with baroque profile)
– Renaissance Recorders (modern design, wide bore)
– Denner Recorders (at 440 Hz)
– Steenbergen Recorders (at 440 and 415 Hz)
– Stanesby Recorders (at A=440 and 415 Hz)
– Hotteterre Tenor Recorder (after historic originals but at A440, two-and-a-half-octave range)
– Kynsekker Recorders, renaissance-style instruments for consort use (a A=440 Hz)
– Renaissance Consort recorders, based on instruments in the Hofburgmuseum, Vienna.
– Slide Recorder (designed by Adriana Breukink, based on so-called Ganassi recorders, but incorporating a sliding mouthpice operated by the player’s lower lip which alters the dimensions of the windway for the production of dynamics)
– Ehlert alto recorder, a strong-toned instrument to play with piano or other modern instruments
– Pentatonic soprano recorder (Flauto Penta)
Hermann (Johannes) Moeck sen. (1896-1982) founded the firm in 1930 in Celle. In 1948, his son Hermann (Alexander) Moeck (1922-2010) joined the firm and in 1960 became the sole owner. The business grew and in 1962 it moved to new premises in Altencelle near Celle. At the end of 2002, Dr. Hermann Moeck retired and passed on the family firm to his daughter, Sabine Haase-Moeck, who ran it together with her husband, Dr. Ronald Haase until 2014. In June 2014, as managing partner, she appointed her son, Jan Nikolai Haase and her nephew, Florian Haase as managing/executive directors. Since then, they have managed and led the business together in the fourth generation.
Conrad Mollenhauer GmbHGermanyWeichselstraße 27, 36043 Fulda+49 (0661) 9467-0+49 (0661) 9467-36[email protected] include:
-Swing, all plastic recorder with specially designed headjoint.
-Prima, school recorder with wooden body and plastic headjoint (as for Swing) in waterblue, red and sand colours
– Student, wooden school recorder
– Chorus, standard range from sopranino to great-bass
– Denner, modern recorders in baroque style, different woods
– Denner / Morgan Edition recorders in baroque style, various woods.
– Dream, transitional style recorder of simple external design, in collaboration with Adriana Breukink; soprano model in plastic or natural wood, stained blue or red with painted mounts; alto model in natural wood or ebony only; tenor in natural wood only.
– Maarten Helder, contemporary alto & tenor recorders.
– Kynsecker, renaissance recorders (garklein to greatabass)
– Ganassi (alto in g’)
– Baroque, generic instruments after an original alto recorder by Jacob Denner (1681-1735) in the Nürnberg Germanisches Museum
– Baroque-style alto recorders with an adjustable block (patented by Rudolf Strathmann)
– Modern alto recorder, a remarkable instrument with a range of three and a half fully chromatic octaves from f’ to c”’, originally a collaboration between Joachim Paetzold, the renowned recorder maker in Tübingen, and the virtuoso recorder player Nicolaj Tarasov, further developed and refined in the Mollenhauer workshop. Also available with an extended E foot (3 keys).
-One-handed soprano recorders, keyed models for players who are physcially challenged.
A.M. MoonenNetherlandsBaroque recorders.A.M. Moonen passed away some years ago.
Stuart MurphyUnited States of America (USA)Rt 7 Box 250, Conroe TX 77384+1 409 321 2885Renaissance recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Hans NieuwlandNetherlandsSlotmakersstraat 14, 8911 GM Leeuwarden+31 (0)58 212 3184Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Bizey & Denner.
Douglas NorfolkUnited Kingdom (UK)26 St Peters Rd, Coggeshall, Essex CO6 1SR[email protected]Baroque recorders.Now concentrates on baroque flutes.
Peter Noy FlutesUnited States of America (USA)1029 NE 69th Street, Seattle, Washington 98115+1 206 729-1903+1 206 729-1903[email protected] made medieval recorders; renaissance & transitional recorders after originals in Vienna, van Eyck, Bassano and Wollick.Now concentrates on transverse flutes
David Coomber-KlitgaardNew Zealand10b Alma Street, Te Atatu South, Auckland+64 9837 613364 9837 6144[email protected]Renaissance recorders; transitional recorders after Kynseker; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Steenbergen, Bressan, Denner, Stanesby, Wijne, Rottenburgh, Debey. Also manufactures Fern recordersDavid Coomber-Klitgaard has been making recorders for 22 years. He started making in Holland while studying recorder at the Royal Conservatorium in the Hague, and the Stedelijk Conservatorium in Zwolle. Frederick Morgan gave several classes in recorder making at the Royal Conservatorium while he was in Europe in 1978. One of David Coomber’s greatest assets as a maker is his experience as a player and performer. He teaches the recorder to postgraduate level at Auckland University’s School of Music. David’s philosophy is to make the best quality recorders and that no recorder leaves the workshop unless it is up to the standards demanded of a professional instrument. David is always prepared to work alongside musicians to ensure the recorder they purchase meets their demands.
In 2014 David started a new career and decided to stop recorder making.
Hans CoolsmaNetherlandsAAFAB, Jeremiestraat 4-6, 3511 TW Utrecht+31 (0)30 2316393+31 0302 312350[email protected] (student), Conservatorium (Bressan-style), and Solo (professional) models. The latter are suitable for both solo baroque music and contemporary literature. Reproductions of original Terton soprano and Bressan alto baroque recorders at low pitch are available in a variety of woods as well as in imitation ivory.Trademark of AAFAb.
Olivier CottetFranceLe Bois des Prés, 28410 Boutigny Prouais+33 (0)2 37 65 13 96[email protected] recorders, under the trademark Foret-Bruno. Also makes clarinets, flutes, oboes and bassoons.
John Cousen (1926-2014)United Kingdom (UK)Renaissance recorders after Praetorius, Virdung/Agricola. Also made other wind and stringed instruments.Sadly, John has passed away. Obituary by Steven Turner: FoMRHI Quarterly 127: John David Cousen ( 29th July 1926 – 12th May 2014)
Tim Cranmore RecordersUnited Kingdom (UK)Malvern, Worcssterchire+44 (0)7761 660 244 (mobile)[email protected] recorders after the Tartu Recorder; renaissance recorders; Ganassi-style recorders; baroque recorders after Bizey, Bressan, Denner, Haka, Hotteterre, Oberlender, Rottenburgh, Stanesby Jnr.
Eugéne CrijnenFrance10 bis, Impasse Darrichon, 64000 Pau+33 (0) 559 847 183+33 (0) 567 206 415[email protected] made baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Hotteterre (with Jean-Marie Ségretier).Now makes only baroque flutes after Rottenburgh, Grenser, Hotteterre, Lot, Quantz, Denner and Stanesby.
Michael DawsonUnited Kingdom (UK)C/- Piers Adams, Rotten Row, Lewes, E. Sussex BN7 1TD+44 01273 474463+44 01273 474463Neo-baroque recorders from sopranino to tenor, including instruments in Ab, G, Eb and D (voice flute). Dawson’s recorders are similar in design to the old-style Dolmetsch models.
Baldrick DeerenburgNetherlandsUtrecht[email protected]Makes recorders for himself.Repairs and restores recorders by other makers.
Olivier DelessertSwitzerlandLe Ruisseau, 1742 Autigny+41 (0)26 477 14 02+41 (0)26 477 14 02[email protected], renaissance & transitional recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Rottenburgh.Also an organ maker.
Antoon Den Vijlder [Vylder]BelgiumRector de Ramstraat 17, B-2240 Zandhove+32 031 843136Baroque recorders after Rottenburgh.Marketted under the trademark Vanparys.
Has quit instrument making, since becoming allergic to wood.
Bodil DiesenNorwayGreverudåsen 14, 1415 Oppegård+47 6699 4805, mobile 9050 3045+47 2 994805[email protected] recorders and baroque recorders. Also makes sjøfløyte (sea flute), a Norwegian variant of the recorder.
Dolmetsch Musical InstrumentsUnited Kingdom (UK)Jesses, Grayswood Road, Haslemere Surrey GU27 2BS+44 1428 651473[email protected] school recorders, wooden school recorders, Nova recorders (plastic SATB), Academy recorders, Conservatoire recorders; Gold Series, for players who can use only one hand; baroque recorders after Bressan & Stanesby.Ceased production of hand-made recorders in 2010.
Their Nova (plastic), Academy, Conservatoire and one-handed models continue to be available from the Dutch manufacturer, AAFAB.
EarlhamIsraelUnknownPlastic soprano recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
John EdwardsUnited Kingdom (UK)The Moors House, St Martins Moor, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7BH+44 016 9167 0451[email protected]Renaissance recorders; Ganassi recorders; transitional recorders; baroque recorders after Oberlender, Stanesby, Terton, Bressan, Denner, Bizey & Rippert.
Marc EcochardFranceTonne, Cidex 32, 16430 Vindelle+33 5 45 21 49 18+33 5 45 21 49 18 made Van Eyck-style recorders; baroque recorders after Stanesby.Also makes only baroque oboes in boxwood after Denner, Grenser, Naust and Desjardins.
Ralf K. EhlertGermanyGartenkamp 6, Celle/Bostel+49 5141 930181+49 51 41 930081[email protected] recorders after Ganassi; transitional recorders after Rosenborg; baroque recorders after Anciutti, Peter Bressan, Johann Christoph Denner, Jakob Denner, Joannes Hyacinthus Rottenburgh, Thomas Stanesby Sr & Thomas Stanesby Jr.Designer of the new Ehlert Alto recorder manufactured by Moeck.
EliteJapanToyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd, 41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061+81 3 3960 8305+81 3 5916 2877[email protected] recorders.Trademark of Toyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd.
Fehr BlockflötenbauGermanyAm Ried 7-36041 Fulda+49 (0)661 968 938-38 and neo-baroque recorders; school recorders. Notable products are a baroque alto after Stanesby Sr; the Ergo Knick-tenor featuring keywork operated by large flanges; and a recorder designed by Heniz Amman.Fehr recorders are now part of the Kunath Group and are manufactured in Fulda (Germany).
Thomas FehrSwitzerlandSeestrasse 185, CH – 8712 Stäfa,+41 (01) 926 65 26+41 (01) 926 65 26[email protected] flutes, recorders & repairs.Note that this is not the workshop formerly managed by his father (H.C.Fehr-Blockflötenbau) which has passed out of the family’s hands.
Fern RecordersNew Zealand10b Alma Street, Te Atatu South, Auckland+64 9 8376133+64 9 8376144[email protected]Produce a limited number of handmade recorders each year (SATB). The recorders have been designed by David Coomber and are based on 18th-century originals by Stanesby and Denner.Trademark of David Coomber.
In 2014 David started a new career and therefore decided to stop recorder making.
Stuart ForbesUnited States of America (USA)10 Gaucho, Rolling Hills Estates CA 90274+1 (310) 547 9858My father is primarily interested in the physics of renaissance (and baroque) wind instruments – even though he has built many instruments and repaired quite a few, I would say (and he might or might not agree) that he would prefer to refine his understanding of their workings before building in any sort of ‘volume’.
As a retired nuclear physicist and amateur woodwind player, my father has determined that the state of the theory of woodwinds – resonances, etc. – is woefully inadequate to explain the complex behavior of instruments with non-circular, non-linear bores. He has devoted several years to measuring node points, bore pressure, etc. in an attempt to discover how ‘great’ instruments differ from bad-sounding instruments that are virtual copies of the same. At the same time, he has produced some instruments that are not only physically beautiful but which also play very well – if only he could duplicate these successes at will!
Notes by Brian Forbes.
Foret-BrunoFrance recorders.Trade-mark of Olivier Cottet.
Charles FosterUnited Kingdom (UK)Glen Cottage, 63 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, Aberdenshire AB 6BR UK+44 01224 580024Renaissance recorders, based on Bärenreiter recorders of the ’60s and early ’70s. Has also made crumhorns and shawms.The original Bärenreiter recorders were made in the Mollenhauer workshops, Fulda.
Yuzuru FukushimaJapanUnknownGanassi style recorders: soprano in c” & alto in g’.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Georg GeigerAustraliaTownsville, Qld+61 071 55 1092A respected Swedish maker now resident in Australia. Unfortunately, glaucoma forced Georg’s retirement a few years ago. I expect he would still like to hear from his former clients and those who may have questions about instruments he made in the past.
Gill RecordersIsraelUnknownInexpensive plastic (including coloured models)and wooden recorders.Distributed by Leblanc.
Their wooden recorders used to be made for them by Gill.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
GlobalGermanyUnknownNeo-baroque plastic recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Henri GohinFrance16 rue Macaigne Fortier, F-95650 Boissy l’Aillerie, Île-de-France+33 1 34 66 91 26+33 1 34 66 91 26[email protected] recorders; Renaissance wide-bore recorders, including extended basses and columnar recorders; consort recorders; Ganassi recorders; Transitional recorders after Kynsecker; Baroque recorders after Bressan, Bizey Debey, Denner, Hotteterre, Stanesby Jr, Terton & to his own design.Also makes flageolets, cornetti, oboes, bassoons, dulcians, shawms.
Dieter GrafSwitzerlandUnknownI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
GremlinUnknownUnknownSchool recorders, including Century model.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Michael GrinterAustralia‘Snug’, Elmtree Lane, Chewton Vic. 3451+61 (0)3 5472-3990+61 (0)3 5470-5896 recorders; baroque recorders after Bizey, Bressan, Denner, Haka, Stanesby & Steenbergen. Also baroque, Irish & classical flutes and whistles.Sadly, Mike Grinter was killed in a road accident whilst cycling in his native town, Ravenswood, near Bendigo on 4 December 2018. He will be sadly missed by his many clients, friends and family throughout the world.
Flötenbau Gruber / Gyula Foky-GruberGermanySchlichterstraße 5, D-65185 Wiesbaden+49 0611 370172+49 0661/3083831Silberton (metal, keyed recorders)Hungarian composer, recorder maker, and recorder player Gyula Gruber developed the Silberton, an all-metal soprano recorder made entirely of nickel-plated brass, and an alto made of rosewood with a metal head-joint and two keys for the lowermost finger hole. Both feature a system of adjustable voicing achieved by altering the position of the block and the height of the windway. Both were of cylindrical bore. Later the German firm Hopf, for whom Gruber worked from 1965–1970, produced Silberton instruments which they now offer as Gruber System recorders by Kobliczek in sopranino, soprano, and alto models. Today, Gruber himself is no longer making recorders.
Marcelo D. GurovichRepública ArgentinaSarmiento 3725 4º[email protected] recorders after Praetorius; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan-Anciuti, J. Denner, Stanesby Sr & Stanesby Jr, and to his own design.Also makes baroque flutes, Irish flutes and tin whistles.
John HanchetUnited Kingdom (UK)NorwichJohn made medieval and early renaissance style recorders.Recently deceased (2016).
Bobby HarrellUnited States of America (USA)Unknown[email protected] recorders.Bobby Harrell, a remarkable one-handed craftsman from Florida (USA), has designed and made a novel one-handed recorder, a modified Yamaha 300 plastic instrument.
David HeathcoteUnited Kingdom (UK)20 Nelson Road, Sheringham, Norfolk NR26 8BU+44 01263 821950[email protected].Baroque recorders after Bressan & Denner.
Sverre HeimdalNorway3629 Nore+47 3274 1290 & 3274 5251+47 3274 1657[email protected]Traditional sjøfløyte (seaflute, a kind of folk recorder), after Nils O. Stuvstad.
Maarten HelderFrance61 route de Guebwiller, 68360 Soultz-Haut-RhinHarmonic Alto & Tenor recordersMaarten Helder is the inventor of the remarkable Harmonic Recorder, a recorder with harmonics tuned in such a way as to make it possible to play very strong and stable low notes with a tone quality matching that of its higher registers. Indeed the Harmonic Tenor Recorder boasts a three octave range from b-c””, with 4 keys and an optional piano key. The latter is operated by the index finger of the left hand and serves to raise the pitch overall thus allowing the player to create a decrescendo by diminishing breath pressure. By twisting a screw beneath the block on the headjoint, the block can be raised or lowered in order to adjust timbre and produce special sound effects. Further, the Harmonic Alto Recorder includes a sound unit with a number of replaceable wind canals which may be of different materials and shapes.
These instruments now manufactured by Conrad Mollenhauer GmbH.
Erich HellingerGermanyUnknownSchool recorders.Formerly made in GDR.
Jan HermansBelgiumHistorical Woodwinds, Werkendam 12, 236O Oud-Turnhout+32 14 41 65 40+32 14 41 65 40[email protected] recorders after Rottenburgh, Bressan, Bizey, Denner, Stanesby, Terton etc; renaissance recorders after Van Eyck, Ganassi, & consorts at 466 Hz & 44O Hz. Also flutes after Rottenburgh, Grenser, Hotteterre, Rippert & J.H. Grenser.Also makes transverse flutes and oboes.
HerwigaGermanyUnknownOriginally the trademark of G. Hernsdorf (1890-1945), Markneukirchen. Instruments marketted as Herwiga-Rex were supplied by König, Wohlhausen.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Elmar HofmannGermanyFlaschenhofstr. 2, D-90402 NurembergCopies of a cane (walking stick) recorders & csakan pitched in A flat after Hell with one key. He is also about to finish his first copy of a Nielsen csakan with more keys.
Shigeharu Hirao-YamaokaJapan7-10-11-Nakagawa, Kohoku-ku, Yokohoma-shi, Kanagawa,045 913 1184045 913 1170[email protected] recorders after the Tartu instrument; renaissance consort recorders; Ganassi recorders; van Eyck recorders; baroque recorders after Stanesby, Bressan, Denner, Heitz, Stanesby & Terton.Also finishes instruments from the Fred Morgan workshop, Daylesford, Australia.
Hohner Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KGGermany & AustriaAndreas-Koch-Strasse 9, D-78647 Trossingen, Germany+ 49 07425-20-0 (Germany)+49 07425-20-495 (Germany) & wooden recorders including:
– Classic (maple)
– Melody (wood & plastic)
– Musica (various woods)
Hohner have been manufacturing recorders since 1962. Their instruments are now made in China. See also Hohner USA
Etienne HolmblatFrance31, Route du Pietat, 64290 Bosdarros+33 (0) 559 215 857 & +33 (0)6 80 66 06 28 (mobile)[email protected] recorders after Rafi & Ganassi; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Heitz, Stanesby & Terton. Also tabor pipes, txistu, etc.
Roberto HolzBrazil (Brasil)Rua Luiz Cesar Panaim, 139, Sao Paulo – SP+55 11 3836 1186 recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Rippert, Steenbergen; Ganassi recorders. Copies other historical instruments on request, including flutes, clarinets, chalumeaux.
HopfGermanyPlatter Str. 79, D-65232 Taunusstein+49 (06) 128 7354+49 (06) 128-8014 / 8013[email protected] made school recorders, renaissance style recorders, baroque-style recorders and metal Silberton recorders.Some years ago, the luthier Dieter Hopf, son of Willy Hopf (1906-1990), acquired the firm Musikwaren Hellweg which is now part of Dieter Hopf Gitarrenatelier. ‘Hopf’ branded recorders are no longer available. However, the renaissance models are available from Kobliczek Instrumentenbau operated by Christoph Hamman.
John Hornby Skewes & Co. LtdUnited Kingdom (UK)Salem House, Parkinson Approach, Garforth, Leeds LS25 2HR+44 (0) 1132 865 381+44 (0) 1132 868 515[email protected] recorders, marketted as Hornby Recorders.These are probably manufactured by Angel Musical Instrument Co. Ltd (Korea).
Huber BlockflötenbauSwitzerlandSeestraße 285, CH-8810 Horgen+41 01 725 49 04+41 01 725 05 28[email protected] models, I to IV, of which the latter are of baroque design at A=415 or 440 Hz. Also;
– Simba, an inexpensive school recorder of simple profile
– Sarah, another school recorder
– recorders of unusual ‘Moorish’ profile
– pentatonic & hexatonic recorders; soprina and tenorina ‘half-recorders’ with holes for fingers of the left hand only.
Begain in 1957 as the successor of Nägeli. As of July 1, 2001, Gerhard Huber and his wife Hélène have officially retired, although they will continue to be of counsel and work on special projects. The day-to-day operation of the Huber workshop has been taken over by their son Markus, who has worked there for over six years.
Guido HulsensFranceBeaubourg, 16330 Coulonge+33 05 4594 0951+33 05 4594 0951[email protected] consort recorders after Rafi; transitional recorders after van Eyck and Ganassi; baroque recorders after Denner, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen, Bressan, Gahn, Schell & Rottenburgh; Csakan after Ziegler.
José IvarsSpainc/ Juan de Juanes, 3/3 H, Benissa E-03720+34 96 573 2444Renaissance recorders; baroque recorders after van Aardenberg, Haka, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen, Bressan & Denner.Ivars is not building recorders right now, but is working enthusiastically at abstract painting. He says some day he might go back to recorder building.
Innovations Fm7JapanUnknownMIDIWIND MW-1, an Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI).The MIDIWIND MW-1 is described as a recorder paradigm instrument designed specifically for the elementary education market. The controller is sized to work well with both children and adult-sized hands. The unit is slaved to a sound module (called the Player Station) which provides built-in sounds MIDI output. The Player Station can accept up to four MIDIWIND controllers simultaneously and is designed to be used in a classroom music lab.
The Clarence James Woodwind WorkshopUnited States of America (USA)1352 Castleton Road, Ohio 43220+1 614 451 5381Baroque recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Bernhard Junghänel [Junghaenel]GermanyGütersloh, WestfalenRenaissance & baroque recorders.Herr Junghänel died in January 1994. He was the older brother of the lutenist Konrad Junghänel. His sister Adelheid is the wife of Andreas Glatt.
Bernhard was apprenticed to Gunter Körber. As well as recorders he also made other instruments, including portative organs. He was a fine double reed and recorder player who made recordings with his group Musikalische Compagny. He also played dulcian with Bruce Dickey’s Concerto Palatino and can be heard on an Accent recording of Early 17th Italian music.
Jupiter RecordersUnknownUnknownPlastic recordersI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Ricardo KanjiBrazil (Brasil)Rua Oscar Freire, 1702 Ap. 82, 05409-011 Sao Paulo S.P.+55 11 3064 4229+55 11 3064 4229I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Kelischek Workshop for Historical InstrumentsUnited States of America (USA)199 Waldroup Road, Brasstown NC 28902+1 800 747 8755 & 828 837 5833 (inside USA), +1 828 837 5833 (outside USA)+1 828 837 5833[email protected] renaissance-style recorders (sopranino, soprano & alto); pentatonic recorders.
Kent RecordersUnknownUnknownPlastic recordersMade by Angel.
Kunito KinoshitaJapan1547-2 Kamiyama,. Kanae-machi, Shimoina-gun, NaganoBaroque recorders after Bressan, Stanesby Sr, N. HotteterreI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Guido M. KlemischNetherlands & GermanyFrithjofstraße 71, D-13089 Berlin, Germany+49(0)30-47307098+49(0)30-47307098[email protected] consort recorders after Hier. S (Hieronimus Solonbron), Schnitzer, Bassano (all 16th century); transitional recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bizey, Boekhout, Bressan, Debey, J.C. Denner, Heytz (Heitz), Perosa, Rippert, Rottenburgh, Schell, Stanesby Sr, Steenbergen; also Jubiläum model designed by the maker; baroque flutes after Scherer, Grenser, Quantz, Kirst, Naust.Renaissance consort recorders are made in collaboration with Johannes Skorupa.
Kobliczek Instrumentenbau GmbH / Christoph HammanGermanyGeorg-Ohm-Str 14, 6523 Taunusstein (Neuhof)+49 (0) 6 128 734 03+49 (0) 6 128 75181[email protected] recorders after Praetorius; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Stanesby & Anciuti; school recorders; Meister neo-baroque recorders; modern recorders with metal heads and adjustable blocks; pentatonic recorders.Today the Kobliczek workshop is managed by Christoph Hammann.
Sverre KolbergNorwayJonas Lies vei 2d, 1412 Sofiemyr+47 66 807055Makes recorders to order.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Gerhard KowalewskyGermanyDörpner Heuweg 2, D-2255 Ostbargumfeld+49 04672 684+49 04672 777 384[email protected] recorders after Bressan; also transverse flutes
Roland KraemerFrance15, rue des cordeliers, 14000 Caen+33 02 31 52 99 29Medieval recorders after the Dordrecht instrument; renaissance consort recorders after Virdung/Agricola; transitional recorders after Kynsecker; baroque recorders after Denner, Heytz, Rippert, Rottenburgh, Steenbergen, and to his own design.
Kunath Instrumentenbaur [Joachim Kunath]GermanyAm Ried 7-36041 Fulda, Germany’+49 (0)661 968 938-38+49 (0)661 968 938-38[email protected], pentatonic and chromatic recorders; also pentatonic childrens-harp. All instruments at 440Hz and 432Hz (a tuning preferred by R. Steiner).Kunath are now making the Paetzold range of square profile recorders with innovations of their own.
Also part of the Kunath Group is the former Swiss recorder brand Fehr.
Küng Blockflötenbau [Kueng, Kung]SwitzerlandGrabenstraße 3, CH-8200 Schaffausen+41 52 6300 999+41 52 6300 990[email protected] (soprano & alto), Classica (garklein flutlein to sub-bass, consort), Superio (soprano to knick system bass, neo-baroque), and Historica models, in all sizes (piccolo to contrabass), and many different woods. The Historica series are baroque recorders after Denner, Rippert, Haka, Heerda and are handmade by Andreas Küng in his own studio workshop.
The Folklora is a soprano recorder in Bb for use with other instruments in this key – in folk music, for instance.
Founded by Franz Küng (1906-1983); continued by Andrea & Thomas Küng.
Küng offer recorders with le Souuffleur, a hole drilled through the block which can be opened or closed with the player’s lower lip thus permitting a greater dynamic range. They can modify any make of recorder in this way. Andreas Küng recently retired from recorder making to pursue his private and musical interests.
Erik KuykendalGermanyUnknownBaroque recorders after Bressan.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Sebastian LemaireBelgium27 rue de l’Eglise, 1630 Linkebeek+32 02-380 52 52Transitional recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Denner & Rottenburgh.
Levin Historical Instruments Inc.United States of America (USA)Phil Levin, POB 407 – 13 Cliffside Rd, Newfoundland, NJ 07435+1 201 697 0535 & 800 283 3714+1 201 697 0536[email protected]Levin & Silverstein made renaissance recorders and baroque recorders after Stanesby in the past. Later, Levin redisigned the range of renaissance recorders.
Levin Historical Instruments, Inc. is very much alive. Although he no longer makes recorders, Phil still services his old clientele, i.e. all former customers and anything that came from his shop, custom and commercial.
Francesco Li VirghiItalyLa Quercia del vento, 01028 Orte (VT)+39 0761 400170+ 39 761 490163[email protected]http://www.livirghi.comThree holed pipes; medieval double recorder; medieval recorders; renaissance recorders after Praetorius, Ganassi & Rafi; van Eyck recorder; baroque recorders after Anciutti, Bressan, J.C. Denner, Hotteterre, Stanesby Sr & Jr, Terton; ceramic alto recorder after Stanesby.Marco Piga and Stefano Ensabella work with Li Virghi.
See Virghi, Francesco Li, and Barbara Law. 2020. Francesco Li Virghi and the Rafi Consort. Recorder Magazine 40 (2): 55 & 58.
LMI Music Production for Education / GiardinelliUSA1776 Armitage Crt, Addison, IL, 60101+1 800-456-2334. recorders, sSATB.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
LMI appears to be a subsidiary of Giardinelli. It seems likely that their recorders are made by Angel (S. Korea) and rebadged as LMI.
Available from Giardinelli, and, amongst other retailers.
Margaret Löbner [Loebner, Lobner]GermanyOsterdeich 59a, D-28203 Bremen+49 (0421) 70 28 52+49 (0421) 70 23 37[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Steenbergen, Bizey, Debey, Denner Schuchart.Stocks recorders by many other makers, amongst them Aura, Blezinger, Diesen, Dolmetsch, Ehlert, Huber, Küng (Kueng), Marsyas, Moeck, Mollenhauer, Netsch, Paetzold, van der Poel, Praetorius, Ran, Yamaha, Zen-On
Albert LockwoodUnited Kingdom (UK)Baroque recorders; modern recorders; the bases with a unique keywork.Sadly, Albert Lockwood has passed away.
Alec V. LorettoNew ZealandMedieval recorders; renaissance recorders; baroque recorders; modern recorders.Sadly, Alec Loretto has passed away.
Lucky Plastic RecordersTaiwanUnknownIvory-coloured, plastic, 3-piece, soprano & alto recorders with baroque fingering.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Paul MadgwickGermanyMatterhornstraße 62, 81825 Munich 82+49 89 430 0862[email protected]Renaissance recorders; Ganassi recorders.
MaienzauberGermanyUnknownMaienzauber was a brand name of the Schlosser company in Zwotamid-20th-century.
Howard ObergAustralia48 Trentbridge Road, Belrose NSW 2085+61 02 452 3285Has made baroque recorders and baroque flutes.Howard Oberg was born at Goulburn in 1947. He pursued careers as a woolclasser, followed by mechanical and electrical engineering and newspaper photographer before joining the staff of the New South Wales State Conservatorium of Music in 1974 as a flute and recorder teacher. In 1977, he took on the challenge of making quality recorders and baroque flutes for his students. He is now a specialist maker and performer of the traverso, and believes that Australian timbers, including Dirranbandi ironwood from Queensland, mulga and gidgee, are superior to their European counterparts for flute making.
Santi OccorsoSwitzerlandVia Nocca 12a, CH – 6500 Bellinzona+41 (0)91 8259839[email protected] maker; has made recorders (including garklein flutlein) & double recorders.
David OhannesianUnited States of America (USA)106 NW 104th Street, Seattle, WA 98177+1 206 781 8517[email protected]Renaissance consort recorders at A440; baroque alto recorders after Jacob Denner at A=415 Hz & after Bressan at A=392 Hz.
Herbert PaetzoldGermanySchwabenstraße 14, D – 87640 Ebenhofen+49 (0)83 42 89 91 11+49 (0)83 42 89 91 22[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Denner, Steenbergen, Stanesby, Gahn, Echentop & Englehard; school recorders; modern (square profile) recorders; csakans.The range of Paetzold square bass recorders is the same as standard bass recorders approximately two octaves (A-440). Four sizes are now available: a tenor in c’, bass (new) in f, a greatbass in c (an octave below a tenor), a contrabass if F (one octave below a regular bass), and a monster subcontrabass (new) in C (two octaves below a tenor). One major attraction of these instruments, in addition to their lovely tone and unusual appearance, is that their sound, even on the lowest bottom notes, is very strong, in contrast to many other maker’s low instruments. The instruments speak easily over the full two-octave range. Articulation is quick and light. They all have double keys for the bottom two notes. A hard case and a stand is available for each instrument.
The impetus for the design of these instruments came from a desire to lower the cost and simplify the construction of large recorders, making them available to a wider range of players. Since they are made of high quality beech-veneered plywood, neither expensive solid blocks of wood nor labor-intensive lathe work is required. The resulting recorders, although not cheap, are considerably less expensive than other makes of comparably sized recorders. For instance, Moeck’s cost approximately twice as much.
Kunath have recently announced the production of an extended range of square profile recorders. Two new lines embody the original concept as well as embracing new technology. A special plastic (resona) has been developed specifically for these new instruments. Resona is not only tough but light and less costly, too.
Joachim PaetzoldGermanyTubingenDesigner of modern square bass recorders manufactured by his nephew Herbert Paetzold, and (with Nikolaj Tarasov) of modern recorders with extended range manufactured by Mollenhauer.Joachim Paetzold worked in the Stieber workshops from 1949 until he left in 1961. Stieber never made recorders himself. See American Recorder 12(4), 1971.
Richard PalmUnited States of America (USA)67 Eldora Drive, Mountain View, CA 94041-2217[email protected]Used to make baroque alto recorders at various pitches, but no longer active as a recorder maker.
Luca de PaolisItalyPiazza Aia di Pile n 9, 67100 L’Aquila+39 862 313103+39 862 313103[email protected] recorders in Pythagorean temperament; Renaissance recorders after P.Grece, Rafi and Ganassi; Transitional recorders after Rosenborg and van Eyck style; Baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Steenbergen, Stanesby jr, Gahn and Hallet.Finishes instruments from the Fred Morgan workshop, Daylesford, Australia. Revoicing over lifetime of instruments.
Marco PigaItalyc/o Francesco Li Virghi, La Quercia del vento, 01028 Orte (VT)Ceramic baroque recorders after Stanesby.Works with Li Virghi through whom he can be contacted.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Martin PraetoriusGermanyAm Amsthof 4, D-29355, Beedenbostel+49 (0)5145 93234+49 (0)5145 93235[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after an orignal alto by Thomas Stanesby in the collection of Frans Brüggen. Also dulcians.
PreludeIsraelUnknownPlastic (ABS) recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Prescott WorkshopUnited States of America (USA)14 Grant Road, Hanover NH 03755+1 (603) 643 6442+1 (603) 643 5219[email protected] consort recorders; transitional recorders; baroque recorders after Boekhout, Bressan, Jacob Denner, Johann Christoph Denner, & Steenbergen; neo-baroque ‘Prescott’ recorders.Tom is in the process of retiring! He write: “New orders will be completed starting in November of 2023. If there is still a Prescott instrument in your dreams, don’t wait. Some instruments are no longer available. I won’t be starting any instruments that aren’t already in partially completed form, so when these are gone, that will be the end.”
Yoav RanIsrael5 Benjamin Street, 76244 Rehovot+972-(0)8-9452526+972-(0)8-9452526[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Debey, Stanesby & Steenbergen; neo-baroque recorders.
Michael RansleyUnited Kingdom (UK)UnknownRenaissance recorders; baroque recorders; 3-holed pipes.Present whereabouts unknown. Formerly at two addresses in Cornwall (Lostwithiel and Bodmin). Probably no longer active.
Felix RavdonikasRussia11 Linija 58 apt. 23, St Petersburg 199178, c/o Volohonsky Eden, Holtzmarkt 5, D-72070 Tübingen, Germany+7 218 6363 (Russia)I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker. He is probably no longer active.
Bruno ReinhardFrance489 chemin du Bouquier, 84330 Caromb+33 04 90 62 39 20+33 04 90 62 39 20[email protected] recorders; renaissance recorder consort (c soprano to f basset, alto in f or g); renaissance recorders after Rafi and Grece; Ganassi style recorders; van Eyck style recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan (including voice flute), Stanesby Jr and to Bruno’s own design.Web-site in English and French.
Paul RichardsonSpainc/- Vaquerias 8-5aD, 28007 Madrid+34 91 4094726 & 647546670[email protected] recorders; van Eyck recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bizey, Bressan, Denner, Rippert, Stanesby & Terton.
Meisterwerkstatt für Instrumentenbau Eduardo Valdivia RiveraGermanyPestalozzistr. 49 10627 Berlin+49 030 3759 1949 & 0179 914 05 32 (mobile)[email protected] & baroque recordersEduardo worked at Mollenhauer from 1984-2000 where he was responsible for the manufacture of their Kynseker renaissance recorders and the Dream Recorders developed by Adriana Breukink. He also undertook repairs and restoration. Since 2000 Eduardo has worked independently as a maker of guitars and violins!
RobinJapanToyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd, 41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174+81 3 9608304Plastic recorders.Trademark of Toyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd
Ulf Rössler [Roessler, Rossler]GermanyFlötenweg 5, D-25795 Weddingstedt+49 0481 5360+49 0481 86619[email protected], Meister, Baroque Reproduction, ‘Fische’ Baroque Consort, Renaissance Consort, & Ganassi models.
Baroque Reproduction Recorders are variously based on instruments by Oberlender, Hotteterre, Eichentopf & Denner & are available at A=415 or 440 Hz.
A new range of ‘Fische’ Baroque Consort Recorders are transitional between the renaissance & baroque styles. Based on a g’ alto of J.I. Fische, the new consort combines a G alto, a tenor in C, basset in G and great bass in C, making it suitable for standard SATB consort music, but sounding a fourth lower than written. They have been developed specifically for ensemble playing by Heinz Rössler in collaboration with Karel van Steenhoven of the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet.
Renaissance Consort Recorders are based on original late sixteenth-century Italian instruments in the Catajo Collection in Vienna and have been scaled to A=440 Hz.
Rössler also produce knick-system tenor and bass recorders.
Formerly trading as Heinz Rössler who founded the company Roessler-Recorder Manufacturing in 1948. The workshop was situated in Weddingstedt near Heide (Schleswig-Holstein). In the early 1960s the product range was enriched with the construction of instruments of high quality. Heinz Roessler started to build woodwind instruments after historical examples, for instance alto recorders after J. W. Oberlender (1681-1763) or voice-flutes (tenors in d’) after J. C. Denner (1655 – 1707). Ulf Rössler entered the familiy business in 1976.
Although their website is still active, this workshop has now closed. Recently, Mollenhauer has completely bought out Roessler’s remaining tools and materials. They will complete the partly made instruments and sell them. Mollenhauer will also undertake maintenance work of Roessler recorders.
Keith Rogers (1943-2008)Great Britain (GB)Has made baroque recorders.Had a partnership with Jeremy West making cornetts and other instruments.
Sadly, Keith passed away in 2008
Joachim RohmerGermanyBreite Str. 39, D-29 221 Celle+49 (05141) 217298+49 (05141) 25456[email protected]http://www.rohmer-recorders.deGanassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Stanesby, Terton & Wijne.The workshop now includes recorder makers Antonie Esche and Micha Silkenat
Per SabelstromSwedenSpjällgatan 16, 74941 Enköping[email protected]Ganassi recorders in G at 460, 466 and 440; in C at 415, 440; baroque alto recorder after Bressan (Hunt) at A 405, 415 and (if you bribe him) 440, after Denner (Kopenhagen) at A 415, after Bizey at A 392; voice-flute after Bizey at A 392.
Fumitaka SaitoNetherlands
Borneostraat 33, 1094 CH Amsterdam
156-0045 Sakurajosui Gardens D-1111, 4-1 Sakurajosui, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
+31 020 618 5137
+81-3-6320-9118 / mob.: +81-80-7848-8434
[email protected] recorders after Ganassi; baroque recorders after Anonymous, Bressan, Castel, Denner, Hallet, Heitz, Rippert, Rottenburgh, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen, Terton; and recorders of his own design
SaturnGermanyUnknownSaturn recorders were made in GDR (East Germany) during the communist era. They were very popular in the Communist Block where they were amongst the few recorders available. They were produced with German fingering only. I would be grateful for contact and other details of this maker, if they are still active.
Joanne G. SaundersAustraliaPO Box 558, Kew, VIC 3191
Studio CG.02 Convent Building, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers Street, Abbotsford, VIC 3067
+61 (0)3 9415 7516 and 0433 173 335 (mobile)[email protected] recorders after Steenbergen.Joanne Saunders was educated at Preshil School where her love of the recorder and woodwork were able to combine. Later, after completing oboe studies at the Victorian College of the Arts Joanne persuaded renowned recorder maker Fred Morgan to train her.
Joanne completed a four year training and set up her own workshop first in Daylesford and after working in Europe for three years is now in Melbourne.
Joanne specializes in making baroque recorders after J. Steenbergen (Amsterdam 18th century). Each instrument is individually hand crafted and many hours spent ‘playing in’ and adjusting the voicing to produce a unique tonal characteristic.
All instruments are made from selected Honduras Rosewood, European Boxwood, North American Rock Maple and Australian native Mulga woods.
Klaus ScheeleGermanyDunnerfahstraße 40, 27612 Loxstedt[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Rottenburgh, Stanesby & Denner. Also flutes and pipe organs.
Heiko ter ScheggetNetherlandsVan der Leelaan 2, NL-3941 RN Doorn+31 343 415081[email protected]Instruments include copies of Stanesby Sr and Bressan originals.Makes recorders for himself only.
Hans SchimmelNetherlandsUnknownGanassi recorders; baroque recorders after Terton, Bressan, Anciuti, Stanesby, Bressan, Denner, Debey & Boekhout.Hans has retired from recorder-making.
Ralf SchneiderGermanyKlingenthaler Str. 8, 08267 Zwota+49 037467-22234+49 037467-22231School recorders. Models include ‘Junior’, ‘Lido’ and ‘Telemann’ recorders.
Also undertakes repairs. His instruments are distributed by Migma.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Andreas Schöni [Schoeni, Schoni]SwitzerlandWeihergasse 10, CH-3005 Bern+41 31 312 1969+41 31 312 1969[email protected]http://www.schoenibern.chRenaissance recorders; transitional recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after J.C. Denner, Schell, Scherrer, Wyne, Hotteterre & Bressan. Also a novel ‘echo flute’ based loosely on Christoph Weigel’s Der Pfeiffenmacher, Regensburg (1698) and on surviving examples by Anciuti.See here for more information on this maker’s “echo flute”.
Andreas SchwobSwitzerlandDorfplatz 1, CH-6362 Stansstad+41 41 610 27 89 (workshop) +41 41 610 16 75 (private)[email protected]Renaissance, Ganassi-style early baroque and baroque recorders.
James M. ScottUnited States of America (USA)1648 Oakview Avenue, Kensington CA 94707+1 415 526 5815Renaissance recorders; baroque recorders after Haka, Rottenburgh, Bizey & Denner.
Dr Robert ShlaerUnited States of America (USA)3 Moya Lane, Santa Fe, New Mexico NM 87505-8869+1 505 466 3709[email protected]Made baroque recorders after Bressan in the 1970s.
More recently offered a hybrid low-pitch recorder comprising a modified Yamaha YRA-312B plastic alto with a wooden centre-joint to play at A=415 Hz.
Advertised in Early Music 6(2): 303 (1978).
Currently focusing on daguerreotype photography – see here and there.
Ella SiekmanNetherlandsDorpsweg 129, 1676 GH Twisk, Amsterdam+31 0227 548288[email protected] recorders; transitional recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders.Ella Siekman studied the recorder at the Utrecht conservatorium, graduating in 1983. Following this she decided to become a recorder maker. First she undertook intensive research of authentic historical tools for recorder building, studying with Sverre Kolberg. Next she studied originals in Vienna, Nuremberg and The Hague. She cooperated with the production of the measurements for the book Dutch Recorders of the 18th Century … (Acht et al, 1991). She has made recorders professionally since 1989.
Martin Skowroneck (1926-2013)GermanyBremen OberneulandBorn Berlin-Spandau, 21 Dec 1926).
Began making recorders in 1949 but switched to building harpsichords. See
DerWunderwerker. Hommage im Steinfurter Bagno (13.1.2007): Martin Skowroneck zum Achtzigsten. Concerto 213: 5 (Apr/May 2007).
Pietro SopranziItalyvia Savellon, 1535020 Pernumia (PD)+39 0429 77 84 96 and +39 0429 77 98 00+39 (0)49 8805051[email protected] recorders; Ganassi recorders; van Eyck recorders; baroque recorders; recorders after Bressan in plexiglass.Available from Roberto’s Woodwind (USA)
Jaqueline SorelNetherlandsKazernestraat 96D, 2514 CW Den Haag+31 (0)70-3656170+31 (0)70-3656170[email protected]http://www.sorel-recorders.nlGanassi-style recorders; baroque recorders after Abraham van Aardenberg, Bressan, Debey, Jacob Denner, Stanesby Sr & Terton; modern (neo-baroque) recorders.Jacqueline also makes baroque oboes, for which see here
Oliver St JohnUnited Kingdom (UK)The Old Stables, Manor Farm, Barns, East Hagbourne OX11 9ND+44 01235 818437Amateur recorder maker.
Helge StieglerAustriaMühlein 12, A-3335 Weyer+43 7355 7649[email protected] recorders; transitional recorders after Bassano and van Eyck; baroque recorders after Bressan and Stanesby Jr; modern alto in f’ at A=443Hz called ‘Louis’, the name of which is inspired by the Dutch composer Louis Andriessen and refers to his piece Sweet; modern soprano in c’ at A=443Hz.
Norman StoeckerUnited States of America (USA)16607 Saddle Creek Road, Clarkson Valley, MO 63005[email protected]Renaissance recorders; baroque recordersI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Arnfred Rudolf StrathmannGermanySchlichtigstraße 10, D-24109 Melsdorf, Kiel+49 04340 1317[email protected] flutes, modern keyed recorders.A patent for a fully keyed recorder was taken out in 1988 by the saxophonist Arnfred Rudolf Strathmann who adapted the elaborate keywork and fingerings of the saxophone the the recorder (see front view). With his co-worker Klein in Kiel, a series of ‘Strathmann flutes’ was been developed with many modern features. The body is made of wood or durable plastic, the block height is adjustable with a simple thumbscrew, and the thumbhole is replaced by a key which opens two small holes high up in the head piece which raises any fingering of the lower register to the octave above (see side view). The volume of sound for all notes is stronger than on conventional recorders, and the timbre is said to be between that of a recorder and flute. Strathmann flutes have been made in both soprano and alto models.
An interview (in German) with ‘Rudi’ Strathmann can be found here. A video of Rudi playing his Strathmann flute can be seen and heard there. The Strathmann website appears to be inactive at 20 January 2021.
The firm Mollenhauer have recently incorporated the patented Strathmann adjustable block in a newly designed alto recorder.
SusatoUnited States of America (USA)Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments, 199 Waldroup Road, Brasstown NC 28902+1 828 837 5833 (outside USA); 800 747 8755 (inside USA)+1 828 837 5833[email protected] renaissance-style recorders (sopranino, soprano & alto); pentatonic recorders. Also 3- and 6-holed pipes.Tademark of The Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments, used for their range of wind instruments, including pentatonic and plastic renaissance-style recorders.
Suzuki Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company, LtdJapan & United States of America (USA)2-25-11 Ryoke, Hammamatsu 430, Japan
PO Box 261030, San Diego, CA 92169-1030, USA
+1 800 854 1594 (USA) neo-baroque recorders, including a 1-piece recorder & Master Class recorders
Precorder PRE-1, a two-piece plastic recorder with raised tone holes for pre-school use.
Keyboard Recorder ANDES-25, a recorder operated by a Melodion-style keyboard.
Suzuki SRW-100 Recorder Wind Controller, an Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI) for use with MIDI sound modules.
The Suzuki SRW-100 Recorder Wind Controller uses standard recorder fingerings, is equipped with pressure sensitive finger holes, and requires traditional breath control.
Jonathan SwayneUnited Kingdom (UK)1 Gilbert’s Corner, Baltonsborough, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8RB+44 014 5885 0911[email protected] and bagpipes.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
SymphonyJapanToyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd, 41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061
41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061
+81 3 9608305+81 3 5916 2877[email protected] recorders.Trademark of Toyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd
Takeyama Worksho / Hiroyuki TakeyamaJapan3-8-12 Anryu Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0003+81 6-678-1000+81 6-671-0880[email protected] recorders after Bressan and Denner at a=442 or a=415 and to their own design; also school recorders.A small team led by master craftsman Hiroyuki Takeyama.
ThaisUnknownUnknownI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Toyama Musical Instruments Co. LtdJapan41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061+81 3 9608305+81 3 5916 2877[email protected] recorders from garklein flutlein to bass, including soprano and alto based on an 18th-century original by Haka. Recent models include a soprano and alto with a wood-grain finish.Trademarks include Alouette, Aulos, Bel Canto, Elite, Robin & Symphony.
Junichi TsukadaJapanSakai City, OsakaBaroque recorders after Gahn.Amateur recorder-maker.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Trophy Music CompanyUnited States of America (USA)3800 Kelley Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114Plastic recorders.Market wooden and plastic recorders under the Trademarks Cambridge, Flutaphone and Tudor. The plastic instruments are possibly made by Angel.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Josep TubauSpainc/o Doctor Esteve, 29, Manresa 08249, Barcelona+34 93 8743534[email protected]Renaissance recorders; transitional recorders; baroque recorders after Wijne, Bressan & Denner.
Robert TurnerUnited States of America (USA)UnknownRenaissance recorders; transitional recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Stanesby, Denner, Steenbergen & Bressan.Formerly Robert Gilliam-Turner. Has now retired from commercial recorder-making.
Frans van TwaalfhovenNetherlandsBovenweg 1, 8351GB Wapserveen+31 5213 2 1268Renaissance recorders; transitional recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders; modern recorders.
Twaalfhoven also made recorders from plexiglass. His ‘piccolino’ recorder in f”’ was probably the smallest fully functional recorder ever made.
Frans has retired from recorder-making.
Paul van der LindenNetherlandsGraniestraat, 26, NL-5345 SZ OSS+31 412 628203+31 412 648082Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Denner.
Oswald Van OlmenFranceAssociation Phoebus, Mas Escarabill, F 66400 Reynes+33 04 6887 4910[email protected]Maker of experimental recorders, namely the Hall-recorder. The Hall-recorder is described as a new vision of the concept of the recorder, an energetic concept: sound with energy. These instruments embody a unique approach to voicing, perforation and placement of tone holes in relation to sound, colours, tone-centre, homogeneity, and dynamic possibilities. Their characteristics are: balance in form, harmony in its properties, timeless beauty. There are two types of Hall-recorder: wide-bore (Mersenne) and conical bore (English Flute). Both are types are available with an inbuilt lip in bone, ivory or amber. The first type (Mersenne) have a wide bore and baroque fingering, suitable for medieval, renaissance, early baroque and contemporary music. The second type (English Flute) have a conical bore and baroque fingering and are suitable for baroque and contemporary music.
Peter van der PoelNetherlandsZr. Spinhovenlaan 12, NL-3981 CS Bunnik+31 030 656 4488+31 030 656 4488[email protected] recorders after Schnitzer; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bizey, Debey, Denner & Stanesby.Also makes clarinets and oboes.
VanparysBelgiumAntoon Devylder, Rector de Ramstraat 17, B-2240 Zandhove32 031 843136Baroque recorders.Trademark of Antoon Devylder.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
VenusGermanyAuf dem Steinacker 6d, D-51515 Kürten-Busch+49 22 6890 7192+49 22 6890 7193[email protected] wooden soprano recorders for beginners.Trademark of Adler-Heinrich.
Josep Oriol Villa i BoschSpainc/- Villaroel
79 pral. 2a, 08011, Barcelona
+34 93 323 4832Baroque recorders after Bressan.
Friedrich von Huene Workshop Inc. (Patrick von Huene)United States of America (USA)55-65 Boylston Street, Brookline MA 02146+1 617 277 8690+1 617 277 7217[email protected] recorders; renaissance consort recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Rippert, Scherer, Stanesby Jr & Terton & others.The von Huene Workshop, Inc. was founded in 1960 by Friedrich von Huene, a pioneer in the reproduction of historical woodwinds for over half a century. Born and raised in Germany, he emigrated to the US in 1948 and served as a flutist in the US Air Force. In 1956 he graduated from Bowdoin College (ME) and began a four year apprenticeship with the legendary flute maker Verne Q. Powell. He began producing his own recorders in 1960 and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1966 for a comparative study of historical woodwinds, becoming one of the first makers to produce copies of original 18th century recorders. He designed the extraordinarily popular Rottenburgh recorders for Moeck as well as the first high-quality plastic recorders for Zen-On.
After a successful career as a professional chef, Patrick von Huene joined the von Huene Workshop as an apprentice in 1982. For more than a quarter century now he has overseen production for the workshop and his craftsmanship and expertise are legendary.
They are also the US repair agents for Moeck, Mollenhauer, Küng, Aafab and others. Patrick von Huene and Roy Sansom offer skilled repairs for all makes and models of recorders.
Rainer Weber (1927-2014)GermanyKirchplatz 14, D-84092 Bayerbach, Bayern+49 0877 4314[email protected]Medieval recorders; renaissance recorders (including columnar recorders); transitional recorders. Also undertakes restorations.Deceased.
Martin WennerGermanyAluminiumstraße 8, D-78224 Singen+49 07731 64085+49 07731 64087[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Anciuti, Bressan, Steenbergen, Stanesby Jnr & Terton. Also csakan after J. Ziegler.Provides customised A415 Hz second centre-joint for Yamaha tenor recorder YRT61.
Also undertakes repairs & restoration.
Paul M. WhinrayNew ZealandTe Henga Recorder Workshop, Box 95108, Swanson, Auckland 8+64 09 810 9130+64 09 810 9130[email protected]Renaissance recorders; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders.
Ronald H. Wick Fluitbouw (Les Ateliers de la Flûte Dor)NetherlandsRoelof de Manstraat 6, 4105 BR Culemborg+31 040 211 34 26+31 040 211 34 26[email protected] consort recorders after originals in Bologna & Vienna; transitional recorders after Kynseker; Ganassi recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Gahn, Haka, Heitz, Rippert, Rottenburgh, Stanesby Jr, Stanesby Sr, Steenbergen & Terton; modern recorders to his own design.Also deals in second-hand instruments. Offers a repair service.
John WillmanUnited Kingdom (UK)Address withheld by request.[email protected]Renaissance recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner and Rippert.No longer making recorders.
YamahaJapan7-9-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo+81 03 3572 3111 Series Recorders – quality plastic recorders of baroque-style with excellent response, and intonation. The 312 & 314 Series soprano and alto have an imitation woodgrain finish (rosewood or ebony).
20 Series – three-piece plastic recorders for beginners in ivory, black (photograph) or translucent Sour Apple Green, Bubble Gum Pink and Cotton Candy Blue.
40 Series Recorders – inexpensive wooden student recorders made of maple, with straight windways and a simple modern exterior profile.
60 Series Recorders – modern hardwood instruments with curved windways and a hand-rubbed oil finish; tenors and basses are provided with hard cases.
80 and 90 Series Recorders – handcrafted wooden baroque instruments at A=415 or 440 Hz (including alto after Denner) with curved windways, undercut tone holes, hand-rubbed oil finish, and imitation ivory rings.This range includes a bass with an interchangeable centre joint which plays at A=440 and 415.
Renaissance-style consort recorders at A=466 Hz.
The WX5 is an Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI, a MIDI-controlled synthesiser operated by the breath which can be programmed to feel and sound like any wind instrument, including the recorder.
400 Series Recorders – identical in acoustical design to their present 300 series, but made of a new composite material named Ecodear, which consists of 70% ABS plastic resin and 30% plant-based resin — all previous models have been made of 100% ABS plastic. These new instruments are yellow in color and similar to boxwood in appearance, with white imitation ivory trim similar to that in the 300 series instruments. In addition to being more ecologically friendly, the new recorders have a tone quality that is somewhat more like a wooden recorder.
Yamaha have branches on all continents and in many countries. Their web pages can be accessed through their global site above.
Zamir Recorder IndustryIsraelKibbutz-Gevim, D.N. Hof Hashkelon 79165Baroque and neo-baroque recorders; school recorders; plastic recorders, and Ariel and Solist wooden recorders.Ariel and Solist were trademarks of Zamir, who also made recorders for other firms, amongst them Gill.
Sadly, Zamir went out of production in 2005.
ZamraNetherlandsAAFAb, BV-NL, Jeremiestraat 4-6, NL-3511 TW Utrecht+31 0302 31693+31 0302 312350[email protected] SAT maple recorders.Trademark of AAFAb.
Zen-On Music Co., LtdJapan2-13-3 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8586+81 03 3269 0121 & wooden recorders, including plastic soprano after Stanesby Junior and alto after Bressan. Amongst their wooden instruments is an inexpensive tenor specially designed for players with small hands.
The Zen-On alto recorder Giglio G-1A / 415 is the the world’s first injection-molded 415Hz alto recorder. The Zen-On Bressan G-1A is its counterpart at A440 Hz. These are, perhaps, the finest plastic recorders available today.
Jean-Marie Ségretier [Segretier]Francec/- Eugéne Crijnen, Le Landry, 16250 Jurignac+33 5 45 66 60 88+33 5 45 66 60 98Baroque recorders after Hotteterre (with Eugène Crijnen).No longer active as a recorder maker.
HallitUnknownUnknownPlastic recorders for school use.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Da CapoUnknownUnknownPlastic recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Luke GoembelUnited States of America (USA)1020 Regester Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21239 writes: After not doing a lot in the way of recorder making for about seven years, I am now working to produce renaissance-style recorders with medieval-like tools, including a pole (foot powered) lathe and spoon bits. I’ll rough turn the blanks green, then do the fine turning after the blanks dry (2004).An Applied Physics Laboratory scientist and accomplished amateur recorder-maker. See Field, M. (1996): Craftsmanship sets Luke Goembel apart, The Gazette: Newsletter of the John Hopkins University 25(19).
Tom A. SearsUnited States of America (USA)161 West 21st Ave, Eugene, Orlando OR 97405-2807+1 541 686 5972+1 541 686 5972[email protected]Baroque recorders after Stanesby Jr.Sears made a dozen or so Stanesby Jr recorders in early 1970s while working for Vernon Powell flutes in Boston. He was encouraged in this by Friedrich von Huene, who had also worked at Powell’s previously. He is not actively producing recorders now, but is currently subcontracting flutes for Vernon Powell and has his own business making heads for flutes. Rumour has it that he is contemplating making recorders again.
Monika MuschGermanySickingenstraße 10a, 79117 Freiburg im Breisgau+49 761 6008 369[email protected] inspired by medieval iconography; Ganassi-style recorders; consort recorders after SchnitzerAlto and tenor recorders by Musch can be heard on a CD by Les Flamboyants, details of which are available here.
Nikolaj RonimusDenmarkLivjægergade 16, 2tv. DK – 2100 Copenhagen+45 33 33 84 74; Mobile 4087 8474+45 33 33 84 74 instruments from the Fred Morgan workshop, Daylesford, Australia.
Undertakes revoicing of all kind of recorders.
Also a performer on the recorder.
AmaraUnknownUknownI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Bryan TolleyFranceLes Clielles, 79120 Lezay+33 (0) 5 17 42 60 00[email protected] style recorders.Bryan is a highly skilled luthier. He has made other wind, string and percussion instruments. Bryan is also a maker of marionettes, a puppeteer and a member of The Troubadours of Aquitaine.
Lewis JonesUnited Kingdom (UK)Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design, London Metropolitan University+44 020 7320 1841+44 020 7320 1830[email protected],%20Theory%20and%20PracticeDesigner and builder (with David Armitage) of 19-division equal temperament recorders for use in microtonal music. The five keys enable accidentals in the lower part of the instruments’ range to be played dependably, and also serve for many higher notes. The 19-division equal temperament has applications both in the faithful reproduction of pre-nineteenth century tunings, and in new microtonal music.See Barnes (2002).
Clive CatterallUnited Kingdom (UK)Inland Cottage, The Vauld, Marden, Hereford HR1 3HAMakes a recorder without a windway, in effect a notch flute.This new instrument is played by putting the head against the lower lip and chin so that the edge is level with the gap between the lips. Formation of the lip shape, angle of blowing and air pressure must be learnt, as with the transverse flute, but the fingering is the same as for a reorder.
The thumb-hole can be used in the same way as it is on the recorder, or the shift between registers can be done with the embouchure alone, it is up to the player.
Fred Morgan WorkshopAustraliaPO Box 34 Daylesford VIC 3460+61 03 5348 7679[email protected]Transitional recorders after Ganassi, van Eyck,
Baroque recorders after Bizey, Bressan, Debey, Jacob Denner, Stanesby, Stanesby & Bressan, Stanesby & Hallet.
The workshop is capable of producing recorder bodies up to approximately a third of the finished state. These are turned, stained, the holes drilled, and most importantly, the bores reamed. This can all be done to Fred’s specific designs, with tools he designed and used daily. Colleagues state that the reaming done in this way is of enormous value.
The clear aim in all this is to provide partly completed instruments using only Fred’s design figures. So to this point the work is purely Morgan, as it were.
The recorder is then finished, i.e. voiced and tuned, by the builder of your choice. Makers who are willing to undertake this work include, Amman, Crijnen, Ehlert, Hirao, Meyer, Netsch, Ronimus, Togawa.
Andreas Glatt (1945-2013)BelgiumBaroque recorders after Stanesby Jr. (alto), J.C. Denner (alto), Bressan (voice flute & fourth flute), Borkens (alto).
Transverse flutes after Hotteterre, Naust, Bressan, Stanesby Jr., G.A. Rottenburgh, Palanca.
All instruments only with original fingering and at original pitch.
Andreas Glatt was one of the first modern makers to try to create recorders as close to the originals as possible, including fingering, pitch, tuning, etc. At the first International Recorder Days/Festival of Flanders in 1972, he exhibited his Stanesby Jr recorder made at the original pitch (A410), at that time in the private collection of Mme Chambure and now in the permanent collection of the Cité de la Musique, Paris. After a hiatus from 1978-2000, during which he co-founded Accent Records with his wife, Adelheid.
See Thalheimer, P. (2014), Tibia 3/2013:
Christoph TrescherSwitzerlandDorfstrasse 35, CH-9122 Mogelsberg+41 (0)71 374 21 86[email protected] recorders after Aardenberg. Also American Indian Flutes.Also stocks recorders by Huber, Küng, Moeck, & Mollenhauer. Offers repair service.
Scottlamp LtdUnited Kingdom (UK)Unit 3 Old Station Way, Bordon Trading Estate, Bordon, Hampshire GU35 9HH+44 01420 479266 & 471598+44 01420 471590[email protected]Manufacture a soprano recorder in black plastic with an ivory-coloured beak. The instrument is unmarked apart from a black D printed on the head.
It is estimated that since their launch in the 1950s, more than 30 million of these recorders were produced and sold worldwide under the Dolmetsch brand name.
Available direct from Scottlamp and from Saunders Recorders.
Heinrich Köllner-DivesGermanyBahnhofstrasse 5, 94227 Lindberg+49 (0)9925 1280+49 (0)9925 903320[email protected] (Dordrecht), Renaissance, Ganassi-style, early baroque and baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Stanesby Jr, Terton.Also undertakes repairs.
In addition to his musical instrument-making, Heinrich Köllner-Dives is a member of a family-based folkmusic ensemble called Falkensteiner Geigenmusik in which he himself sings and plays violin as well as recorder. They have produced a CD entitled Altbairische Tanzmusik.
Cristina TernovecItalyVia Oristano 39 – 00182, Rome[email protected]Ornaments recorders with decorative carving after historic originals.
De Fluitstudio (Maarten Visser)NetherlandsJacob Catskade 40-2, NL 1052 CA Amsterdam+31 20 682 3929[email protected] recorders and other instruments for use by players with special needs.
Hitoshi TogawaJapan7-9-11 Misaki, Funabashi , Chiba 274-08120474-47-1908[email protected]Finishes instruments from the Fred Morgan workshop, Daylesford, Australia.
Craig CarmichaelCanada820 Dunsmuir Road, Victoria BC, V9A 5B7+1 250 384 2626 recorders with additional keywork.Craig writes of his highly experimental ‘Supercorder’ as follows:
The F alto Supercorder[TM], now available, has these desirable characteristics:
– Exceptionally strong, even sound from low E up.
– Extended pitch range from low Eb (by bell stopping) as far as G4 (41 notes!). Good tone and easy fingerings to C4: No part-holing fingers, no bell stopping.
– Stress-free lip tuning for good tune-by-ear intonation at any dynamic level and in crescendos, decrescendos, fade endings… Also used for lovely pitch vibrato that adds beauty to longer notes.
– Easier fingerings.
Less tendency to clog while playing.
– Easier cleaning and revoicing; separate beak and block replacement.
These characteristics result from the following inventions and innovations:
– Modern long bore design for strong low notes and better harmonics.
– Very wide crescent windway with deep labium.
– Non-swelling porcelain block.
-Beak (windway roof) is revoiceable, replaceable – allows choice of beak woods for desired sound, or if lips react to one type of wood.
– Automatic Embouchure Adjuster – allows low notes to be strongly tongued and blown loudly without overblowing.
– Index-finger-alone B/Bb key eliminates the weak, awkward forked B’s and Bb’s. Easy to play through any chromatic or diatonic note sequence.
– Open-hole G-key strengthens G# and A. E-key for low E. (Left 4th finger)
– Open-hole F- and F#-keys for solid low F# and G. (right 4th finger)
– Wood-turning thumb rest – no glue or holes to drill.
Angelo ZaniolItalyvia Tomitano, 3, 31033 Castelfranco Veneto[email protected]In the past, Angelo has made renaissance, Ganassi-style and baroque recorders.Can also be contacted at [email protected]
Floeten-Klang / Erich SiebertGermanyLilienstr. 17, 6523 Taunusstein+49 (0) 6 128 734 03[email protected] recorders after Praetorius, Ganassi-style recorders, neo-baroque recorders. Also makes panflutes and transverse fluteds.Instruments available via Christoph Hamman of Kobliczek Instrumentenbau.
Alabastri Pecchioni di Giorgio PecchioniItalyVia A. Cinci 22 – 56048 Volterra (PI)+39 0588/86.354+39 0588/86.354 recorders in white alabaster and agate.Designed in collaboration with David Dainelli.
Juan Pablo BarrenoSpainAvda Fernadez Ladreda 29, E40002 Segovia+34 9214 29519[email protected], renaissance, transitional & baroque recorders. Also makes a unique keyed recorder for use in popular music.Also makes other wind instruments including flutes, shawms and cornamusen, oboes, clarinets, bassoons.
Taavi-Mats UttEstoniaMöisa tee 2-9, Muraste 76901, Harku vald Hurjamaa+372 671 4 262, mobile +372 552 1604[email protected]Has made renaissance-style recorders after an original in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.
Recorder player with Cantores Vagantes.
Pavel Cíp & synové
Pavel Cíp & Sons
Czech RepublicPod Javorníkem 1043 1043, CZ – 756 54 Zubrí+420 571 658 699+420 571 658 699[email protected] recorders
Neo-baroque recorders
Also makes bagpipes, early reed instruments and gemshorns.
Cambridge Recorder Services (Yuzuru Yamashiro)United Kingdom (UK, GB)Cambridge+44 01223 356700[email protected]Offers repair service including recorking, intonation correciton, revoicing.Lianna Broglie (December 2011) reports that Yuzuru Yamashisro is carrying out excellent work, particularly re-voicing of high-quality handmade recorders and some maintenance of original recorders in private collections.
Jiangsu Qi Mei Instrument Co., LtdPeople’s Republic of ChinaXinye Rd, Jingjiang Developing Zone,Jiangsu, P.C.214500(86)0523-4613888[email protected]http://www.china-qimei.comQiMei series of neo-baroque recorders in plastic (ABS) and wood. The plastic recorders come in a wide variety of colours as well as wood-grained.Manufacture recorders, 6-holed pipes and other musical instruments including harmonicas, melodicas and percussion.
The company has the capacity to produce 6 million ABS Recorders and 0.3 million wooden recorders annually!
Liyun Cultural Corporation / Woodnote / SolfegeTaiwanB1 No. 41-1, Lane 296, Sec. 6, Main-Chiuan E. Rd, Taipei+86-2-26336650+86-2-26329733[email protected] and wooden neo-baroque recorders.The Liyun Cultural Co. with its headquarter in Taiwan and branches in JiangSu and in the USA has been manufacturing musical instruments since 1980. As well as producing plastic recorders, their range of products include transverse flutes, melodicas, Orff instruments and violins. Since 2004 all products are offered under their own brand name, namely ‘Woodnote’.
Samuel Coulter / Dancing Stick Men Early InstrumentsUSACoarsegold Historic Village, 35300 Hwy 41, Coarsegold CA 93614+1 559 392 6800[email protected]Medieval recordersAlso makes tabor pipes, bagpipes, percussion, American Indian flutes, citoles, etc.
Femke BergsmaCanada127, 17th Ave, Lachine Qc, H8S 3N7[email protected]Has worked as an assistant to the recorder maker, Jean-Luc Boudreau, but now offers a recorder repair service.
Pavel AndrejevRussiaSt PetersburgBaroque recorders after Jacob Denner.Traverso player in St Petersburg.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
GT Musical Instruments: Grzegorz TomaszewiczPolandul. Grodzka 62/7a, 31-044 Kraków, Poland+48 12 422 46 52+48 12 422 46 52[email protected] a repair service for wind instruments, including recorders.
Manufactures renaissance & baroque woodwinds and usedto produce Arte recorders.
Migma eG Musikinstrumenten-Handwerker- Genossenschft eGGermanySchützenstr. 27, 08258 Markneukirchen+49 (0)37422/2341+49 (0)37422/2342[email protected]http://www.migma-eg.deneo-baroque recordersAgents for René Schlegel (Meinel) and Ralf Schneider.
ParrotPeople’s Republic of ChinaUnknownPlastic recorders.Possibly manufactured by Jiangsu Qi Mei.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
SimbaUnited States of America (USA)637 Bluewater Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37217+1 615-366-9007[email protected]http://simbaproducts.comPlastic recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Nir PrizantIsraelK. Yad-Hanna; 42840 M.P.Lev-Nash00 972 9 876 5883[email protected] recorders and baroque recorders after Denner and Steenbergen.
Doris Kulossa-BlockflötenbauGermanyPetersilienstr. 29, D-32825 Blomberg+49 (0)5235 949 5 17[email protected] recorders; renaissance recorders; medieval recorders; transitional (pre-baroque) recorders; copies of baroque recorders after Denner, Bressan, Steenbergen, Stanesby, Terton, etc. at A=415 and 440 Hz; “Music Garden” plastic recorders after Stanesby Jr.Formerly worked with Moeck and Blezinger.
Also undertakes repairs.
Hans Olav GorsetNorwayEkebergv. 54, N-1181 Oslo 11(+47) 23 24 07 25 & (+47) 9520 8198 (mobile)[email protected] type recordersThe flutist Hans Olav Gorset is Professor at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where he teaches recorder, baroque flute and performance practice.
Conrad JunghänelGermanyUnknownI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
AM2Brazil (Brasil)unknown(0xx11)4684-1319[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Haka and Denner; neo-baroque recorders; school recorders; pentatonic recorders. Also transverse flutes and percussion.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Marcos Antonio XimenesBrazil (Brasil)Fortaleza, Ceara+55 (85) 8836-2216[email protected] recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen & Wijne.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Bán GyörgyHungary2030 Érd, Szerelo, utca 16+36 23 372 625[email protected] recorder for use in folk music.
Also makers double pipes, panpipes, flutes, ocarinas, etc.
Instrument maker folk craftsman György Bán has been making different wood wind instruments for twenty years. At the beginning, only simple shepherd’s flutes with six fingerholes, later also double flutes, side-blown flutes, tin ornamented shepherd’s flutes and longflutes were made in his workshop. Gradually, the range of material used has increased, and he has tried almost all of the species of domestic fruit trees. According to his experience, the flutes with the most beautiful sound are made of plum, almond or apricot wood. Besides the Hungarian folk instruments, Renaissance and Baroque wood wind instruments can also be found in his stock: recorders, flutes, oboes. His instruments are sought out by folk music groups and music schools from Hungary and abroad. In 1984 he won the first prize of the National Folk Music Instrument Makers’ Competition. Both the workshop and the stock have been expanding since. This year is turning his mind to making the most popular instrument of the turn of the century, the tárogató.
Jewgenij (Eugene) IlarionovUkraine[email protected], bagpipes, tabor pipes and whistles.
Medieval recorders; renaissance recorders after Rafi and Ganassi; early baroque recorders after Rosenborg, Van Eyck and Haka; baroque recorders after Terton, Stanesby and Bressan.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Ensemble DanseryeSpainCristobal de Morales nº 40, 2º F, Granada
Huerto nº 5, 30420 Calasparra (Murcia),
[email protected] recorders after van Eyck, Ganassi & Praetorius; baroque recorders after Hallet, Haka & Steenbergen.An enterprising ensemble which makes many of its own instruments, notably recorders and cornetts, which they also offer for sale.
Ulrich HahlGermanyWooden neo-baroque recorders for children, including the ‘Filius’model, the ‘Filia’ model which has a plastic head, and the ‘Ecole’ model designed by Heinz Amman. Also make a pocket chalmeauUlrich Halhl, former manager of Adler-Heinrich, founded a recorder workshop producing some of the former Adler-Heinrich models (models for beginners). This new company has now ceased production.
S. SuzukiJapan aftern Ganassi; baroque recorders after Bressan, Haka.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Drechslerei Oeggl / Bernhard OegglGermanyKlaushäuslweg 46, 83483 Bischofswiesen+49 08652 – 8243+49 08652 – 979861[email protected] of Berchtesgaden FleitlBernhard Oeggl, whose great-grandfather Georg learnt his craft from Paul Walch, is the sole active maker of the Berchtesgadner Fleitl, a form of recorder with a clear, bright tone and a two octave chromatic compass, not unlike soprano reocrders from the baroque era. The term Berchtesgadner Fleitl appears to date from the nineteenth century, and the instrument continues to be made and played in the folk music tradition at the present time.
In Berchtesgaden it is possible to trace a continuous history of recorder making over four centuries … the craft now survives in the form of the Berchtesgadner Fleitl made by Bernhard Oeggl (MacMillan 2007: 194).
Bischofswiessen is near Berchtesgaden.
EMD Music / StaggBelgium16 A Bd. Général Wahis – 1030 Bruxelles and wooden neo-baroque recorders.Parent company is EMD Music.
Stagg recorders are probably made in China.
I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Johannes SkorupaAustria+43 676 60 917 60[email protected] (cylindrical bore) recorders; renaissance recorders after those in the Kunsthistorischen Museum Wien; recorders after Ganassi, pre-baroque recorders (with Jambe de Fer/Ganassi fingering); baroque recorders after Steenbergen, & Heitz.Johannes also teaches recorder at the Universität für Musik und Dartsellende Kunst Wien.
Gerd MelchersGermanyRadolfzell, near Lake Constance (Bodensee)Baroque recorders after Bressan.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Shanghai Kallen Piano & Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.ChinaFloor No.286 Tian Mu Zhong Road Shanghai 20007086-21-5128686286-21-51062044 plastic recorders.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Guangzhou Daling Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.ChinaShengshi Industrial Development Zone, Zhongcun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong 51149586-020-23830620 2383062186-020-23830616 recordersI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Geri BollingerSwitzerlandRosenbergstrasse 11, CH-8200 Schaffhausen+41 (0) 52 624 68 50 (Beantworter)[email protected] an innovative quartet of recorders designed for modern music, with souffleur, a lip-operated hole opening through the block into the head to adjust volume, and a removable beak which shortens the windway allowing even greater volume and timbral variation. The quartet comprises a g’ alto, c’ tenor, g basset and c bass.Co-designer with Adriana Breukink of the Eagle recorders.
Also offers a microphone designed specifically for recorder players.
Peter MadgeAustralia27 Hilary Avenue, Vic. 3938+61 (0)3 5982 1803[email protected]Peter makes, repairs, tunes and re-voices recorders and has developed an block of innovative design which renders the instrument easier to play in its high register.
FlautissimoGermanyMühlental 50, 52066 Aachen0221-26060389[email protected] recorders for school use.Die Firma Flautissimo Blockflötenhandel (Die Betreiberin dieser Seiten) ist schon seit einiger Zeit im Gross- und Einzelhandel mit Blockflöten tätig; insbesonders auch mit dem Deutschland-Vertrieb der Blockflöten der Marken Zen-On (Japan) und Woodnote (China). Seit November 2008 hat Flautissimo nun die erste eigene Blockflöte im Programm, eine Einsteiger-Sopranblockflöte mit Kunststoffkopf und (Ahorn-) Holzunterstück.
Peter ArniSwitzerlandEichhornstrasse 5, CH-4059 Basel[email protected]Renaissance and baroque recordersPeter is a skilled amateur maker of recorders.
Marcus ThomannGermanyTreppendorf 30, D-96138 Burgebrach+49 9546 9223 0+49 9546 6774[email protected] plastic recordersProbably made for them by Angel or one of the Chinese makers of plastic recorders.
Hotteterre & Co. [Takesa Keigo]Japan12-14 Koshibara 1, Matsue0852-22-79660852-22-7699[email protected] recorders after Louis Hotteterre, Hallet, Rippert, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen, Bressan.Also makes baroque flutes and oboes.
YamakawaChinaPlastic neo-baroque recordersI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Jelle HogenhuisNetherlandsBuorren 57, 9034 HJ Marssum+31- 58 21 33 968[email protected] a flute-maker, especially of bass, contrabass and sub-contra-bass flutes, including models in PVC for flute choir use. Contrabass and sub-contra-bass flutes can be provided with a recorder headpiece.
Yuri Terenyi, Wood-n-BoneNew Zealand (NZ) recorders. Also makes bagpipes, bone pipes, tabor pipes, Hungarian 3-holed pipes, ocarinas, drone pipes, double-pipes; also puppets!I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Aileen Music / Nanig Aileen Trading Co. LtdRepublic of ChinaRM.3501 Building A, New World Centre, No.88 ZhuJiang Road, Nanjing 2100080086-25-8453 33730086-25-5807[email protected] plastic neo-baroque recorders; Soprano wooden school recorder.Probably rebadged from another manufacturer
Don CartwrightAustralia12 Nottingham Crt, Lindisfarne, Tasmania 7015+61 03 6243 8062[email protected]Baroque style recorders and oboes made from native Tasmanian timbers.Sadly, Don passed away on 28 December 2017.
Philippe LachéFranceHameau de St Estève, 83119 Brue-Auriac+33( 0)4 9480 9436[email protected] recorders after the Dordrecht recorder; renaisance recorders after Gannassi, Rafi, & Bassano; transitional recorders after van Eyck; baroque recorders after Denner, Stanesby, Reich, Wynne, Haka, Bressan, Steenbergen, Hotteterre, Dupuis; neo-baroque recorders after own design.
Yamaoka ShigeruJapanBarqoue recorders after Bressan …I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Sans LuthierSpainC./ Sta. Magdalena, 2, 17854 St. Jaume de Llierca (Girona)+34 972 28 70 95[email protected] a range of unusual looking ‘flautas’ with various fingerings, pitched in G.
Bernhard Mollenhauer GmbH & Co. KGGermanyWeichselstrasse 27, 36043 Fulda0171 3 11 11 5506656 50 43 26[email protected] after Joachim Ziegler
Egil Storbekken (1911-2002)NorwaydeceasedMaker of Fjellbekk tussefløyt, a soprano-size recorder for use in Norwegian folk music.Also a composer and performer whose primary interest was Norwegian folk music and instruments.
Magnar StorbækkenNorway2540 Tolga+47 926 62 079øyte, a typical Gudbransdal recorder, with a short beak and strongly conical form, originally made by Syver Jotun from Vågå in the early 20th century. The flute has a very useable C major scale, and the tuning is excellent in the second octave, and it can be tempered if wanted.
Maker of various Norwegian folk woodwind instruments.
Deitch’s Woodwind Workshop (Daniel Deitch & Yukari Naito-Deitch)United States of America (USA)2607 Clement Street (@ 27th Ave), San Francisco CA 94121+1(415) 221 2735[email protected] all woodwind instruments, but not saxes. Offers a comprehensive recorder repair & revoicing service.Agent for Hiroyuki Takeyama recorders.
Dale Taylor – Taylor Historic MusicUnited States of America (USA)120 Sherwood Forest Ct, El Paso, TX 79924 and revoices recordersI would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
Anthony BarettUnited Kingdom (UK), England20 Main St, Shenstone, Lichfield, Stafforshire, WS14 0NB+49 01543 480245[email protected]Recorder repairs.I would appreciate additional and missing data on this maker.
TriebértUKEarly Music Shop, Salts Mill, Victoria Road Saltaire, West Yorkshire BD18 3LA
The Early Music Shop, 11 Denmark Street, London WC2H 8TD
+44 (0) 1274 288 100 & 207 632 3960+44 (0)1274 596 226 & 207 632 3965[email protected] plastic recordersAvailable in sopranino, tenor & basset sizes, and in black or brown plastic. Soprano and alto models will be available in 2012. These appear to be made by the Taiwanese-based company Liyun Cultural Corporation who offer these instruments under their own brand, Woodnote, as Solfege models.
Jean-Claude ChupinFrance5 rue Jean Antoine de Baif, 44600 Saint-Nazair+33 2 40 53 79 03[email protected]http://flutes.chupin.pagesperso-orange.frTransitional recorders; Baroque recorders after Steenbergen
J&Y Recorder Workshop / Jeoung-min YoonRepublic of Korea367 Cultural Foundation Cultural Center, 1st Floor No. 107 ho, Hyunamri, seonmyun, Chuncheonsi, Kangwondo+82 10 5378 4343 & +82 10 5377 0177[email protected] recorders after Ganassi, Baroque recorders after Bressan and Denner
Geoff BarbeFranceLe Chambon de Langlade, 07230 Saint André Lachamp+33 04 75 39 56 92[email protected] a range of bone pipes, six-holed pipes three-holed pipes, double pipes and recorders suitable for traditional, folk and medieval music. Also pan-pipes, chalumeaux, flutes, horns, etc.
Vincenzo de GregorioItaly+39 328-0049485 & 334-3602042[email protected] recorders; renaissance recorders after Grece and Rafi; transitional recorders after van Eyck; baroque recorders after Anciuti, J.C. Denner, Hallet, Steenbergen.
Peter WorrellEngland, United Kingdom28 Hall Lane, Wacton, Norfolk. NR15 2UH+44 01508 530378[email protected] is a highly skilled woodwind-instrument maker who is able to make specialised keywork for recorders of all sizes and for those players with special needs. Examples of his work include bell-keys, lip-keys, covered-hole recorders, one-handed recorders, customized foot-joint keys, etc.
Fernando PazPortugal[email protected] recorders, transitional (Pierre Van Eyck-style) recorders, baroque recorders after BressanFernando Paz was born in Madrid in 1966. He studied at the Conservatorio Profesional P.A. Soler de San Lorenzo de El Escorial, the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, in the Regional Conservatory of Toulouse and Royal Conservatory of Brussels, specializing in recorders and baroque flute.
He currently resides in Portugal combining his artistic and pedagogical activity with instrument making.
Orthwest Studios / John OrthUnited States of America (USA)Golden, Colorado[email protected] garklein flutlein; all metal neo-baroque alto recorder in aluminium. Also undertakes repair and restoration work.John is a luthier with a focus on the restoration of antique violins but also makes recorders, bird flageolets, pan flutes, pochettes, rebecs, etc.
Riccardo von VittorelliBelgiumRue du Cerisier 127, 1490 Court-Saint-Etienne[email protected] after Franz Schöllnast (Pressburg, 1830)Alsom makes Clarinets, Flutes, Kavals and Tarogatos
Simone di PaolisItalyPartita IVA: 0186547066, P.zza Aia di Pile n° 9 – 67100 L’Aquila[email protected] recorders after François Noblet (1777-1854)
Patrick MagninFrance44 bis, rue Henri Barbusse, 94450 Limeil-Brévannes+33 (0)[email protected] revoicing and repairs
Ben NieuwhofNetherlands recorders after Bressan. Also makes dulcians and cornettiAn amateur instrument maker.
Sid JonesSouth AfricaGauteng[email protected]An amateur recorder maker
Claire SoubeyranFrance26 rue de la république 95650 Boissy l’Aillerie+33 (0)1 34 66 92 83+33 (0)1 34 66 92 83[email protected] flutesAlthough Soubeyran was primarily a maker of early flutes; she has made only one copy of an early recorder; and she has performed recorder repairs. She passed away in 2018.
Diogo LealFranceCourbevoie (Paris)+33 7 82 52 45 76[email protected] recorders in c”, g’ and f’
Marie HulsensSpainCarrer del Portal 6, 43393 Almoster (Tarragona)+34 977 763 170[email protected] recorders after the Dordrecht and Tartu instruments; Ganassi -style, transitional and baroque recorders.Also makes a wide range of traditional duct-flutes.
Walter MeliSwitzerlandRenaissance consort recordersI would appreciate further details of this maker.
Thomas van Ginneken(1) Netherlands (2) FranceDekkersbos 5 3956 TG Leersum
Les Royeres Les Etangs 46300 Leobard – Lot
+31 343469950, mobile +31654902298[email protected] recorders
Baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, Steenbergen, Terton & Wijne
Thomas is also an accomplished recorder player.
Patrice AllainFranceRoubaix 59053+33 06 73 94 46 14[email protected] and baroque style recorders after 16-17th-century originalsPatrice is a recorder player and bassoonist.
I would appreciate further information about this maker. His website is singularly uninformative.
Jin Hee Cho BlockflötenbauAustriaWaldgasse 17/12, A-1100 Vienna+43 676 446 46 41I would very much appreciate additional details concerning this maker.
Micha Silkenat BlockflötenbauGermanyHaegweg 5, 29303 Bergen/Offen+49 (0) 5051 5093269[email protected] recorders after Bressan and Terton
Watkins Woodwinds [Owen Watkins]Australia7 Therry Street, Avalon Beach NSW 2107+61 (0) 423 058 475[email protected] recorders and oboes.Maker of early oboes and clarinets.
Terry MannUnited KingdomCambridgeshire[email protected] recorders after the Elblag instrument but altered to play with Renaissance fingering over an octave and a sixth: soprano in C, alto in F and G, and sopranino in F and G. Also makes abor pipe. Shawms and rauschpfeiffen are in development.

Terry makes his ‘Elblag’ recorder with cylindrical bores, and with a labium which is not undercut. His instruments are available from the Early Music Shop, UK.
Marco MagalhäesNetherlands/Portugal+31 (0)6 1440 7151[email protected] (Dordrecht-), Ganassi- and baroque-style recorders after J.D. Denner, J. Denner, Klenig, Rottenburgh, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, & Steenbergen.
Lorenzo LioItaly/Switzerland[email protected] recorders and baroque recorders after Koenig & Bradbury, Bressan, J-H Rottenburgh, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, Terton, J. Denner, J-C. DennerWorks as a recorder voicer for Küng.
Jack DarachUnited Kingdom (UK)55-56 Islingword Road, Brighton, BN2 SLhttps://jackdarach.comGanassi-style recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Schuchart, Terton.
Claire SécordelFrance2b rue de Dachstein, F-67300 – Schiltigheim+ 33 (0)6 19 91 01 88[email protected] recorders; Baroque recorders after Thomas Stanesby JnrAlso undertakes maintenance, optimisation & repair work.
Kalle BelzGermanyAm Dornbusch 1 36119 Neuhof-Hauswurz+49 66 69 14 29; +49 171 64 64 164+49 66 69 91 80 891[email protected] repairs, modifications & improvements of all types of recorder and all manufacturers
Taiga Musical ArtRussiaKuragino, Petropavlovka, Krasnoyarskiy Kray+7 923 348-67-50[email protected] in a variety of keys, including G, A, Bb C, D, E. These appear to be simple instruments with Harlan (German) fingering and limited range, possibly best suited to medieval music.It is not clear who actually makes these instruments. The business is managed by Ivan Romanov.
PiezoBarrel Wind Instrument PickupsAustraliaSteve Francis, PO Box 55 Beenleigh QLD 4207[email protected] piezo-electric pickups for a variety of instruments, including the recorder. PiezoBarrel pickups are designed to be simple to use and provide exceptional sound quality. The PiezoBarrel R1 is designed especially for the recorder. The recorder usually only produces a weak signal in the low register and any attempt to produce a stronger note results in the sound becoming unstable as it starts to overblow. For this reason, the R1 was designed to have a non-linear frequency response that increases the bass frequencies and thus strengthens the low register. Sound from a recorder fitted with the R1 can be passed directly to a guitar or other amplifier or via a guitar effects panel such as the Boss GT-1 for live or recorded performance.
Tom de VriesNetherlandsEysingapad 30 9064 KK Aldtsjerk style after the Dordrecht recorder; renaissance recorders after Ganassi, Bassano; early baroque recorders; baroque recorders after Anonymous, Bressan, Rippert, Stanesby Sr, Stanesby Jr, SteenbergenLogo: two stylized water lily leaves.
See de Vries (2022).
Jorge MonteroChileSantiago+56 02-223 2891 / 8-330 5621Ganassi-style, Transitional recorders, Baroque recorders after BressanAlso makes transverse flutes and native flutes. I would appreciate further contact details.
Henk PiepenbroekNetherlandsBergkamp 7, 7384 AV Wilp0571 261453Henk Piepenbroek makes square soprano recorders after a design by Alec V. Loretto, which in turn is based on the Dordrecht flute from the Hague municipal museum.
Emil Becker KG – Manfred WildGermanyAm Franzenstein 7 55743 Kirschweiler+49 06781 33324[email protected] playable neo-baroque alto recorder.This famous jeweler has made a series of playable musical instruments from precious materials including a clarinet, panpipes and and an alto recorder. Doubtless they will be used to play rock music.
TLC Recorder [John Werner]USAP.O. Box 436, Montpelier, VT 05601+1 802-272-5397[email protected] optimisation, maintenance and repairs, including retrofiting recorder blocks with a ceramic insert which absorbs moisture (as Moeck tried in the 1980’s). The latter is durable and reduces clogging problems considerably.
Makers4GoodUSAPalo Alto, California offer the Triple Play, a very affordable adaptation designed for soprano recorder which adds keys to the bottom three holes of the instrument, rendering the full range of the recorder playable with just six fingers. The cluster of three keys augments a Yamaha YRS-24B plastic recorder. Triple Play allows the user to press multiple keys with one finger, and to change easily between keys. The keys can be operated with either hand.
Zini Recorder Workshop / Cho-Jin HeRepublic of KoreaSeoul 06710+82 10-5377-0177[email protected] and plastic recordersSee YouTube video at
Netsch Recorders UG / Ralf NetschGermanyKalitzer Str. 2 39279 Möckern, OT Brietzke+49 39245-639806+49 03 6645/2 1328[email protected] renaissance recorders after the Quedlinburger Schlossmuseum consort; Ganassi recorders; van Eyck recorders; baroque recorders after Bressan, Denner, Gahn, Grassi, Heitz, Oberlender, Schell, Stanesby Jr & Terton; modern recorders.Also finishes instruments from the Fred Morgan workshop
Blockflötenschmiede, Eric Jahn & Sophie SchmidGermanyAm Kuhberg 9A 97080 Würzburg+49 931-35 82 81 95 baroque recordersRead about this new venture here
Leatherman Historic Woodwinds / Gary LeathermanUSAPortland, OR[email protected] based on historical baroque and renaissance designs, from measurements and drawings of surviving instruments. Bassano style renaissance recorders; baroque recorders after Terton, Bressan, Steenbergen, J. Denner.Also undertakes, cleaning, oiling, joint maintenance – thread or cork replacement, tuning and voicing.

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