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Debut CD by ensemble Feuervogel

Feuervogel are a dynamic, young and creative ensemble from Freiburg, Germany, with a musical focus on consort music from the Renaissance, Middle Ages, and contemporary eras. In early February, their debut album The Queen’s Masque, featuring Elizabethan masque music, will be released by the label Coviello Classics. The album was recorded in collaboration with soprano Carine Tinney, and lutenist & viol player Ziv Braha. Their CD focusses on the issue of female rule and its legitimacy in art, explored through works by Byrd, Morley, Dowland, Parsons, and others. For more information about Feuervogel and their outstanding new CD, see here.

About the Webmaster

After a lengthy career as a taxonomic botanist I am now retired and living in Tasmania. My avocational interest in musical performance practices of the distant past has centred largely on the recorder, although I have also played a number of renaissance reed instruments and the trombone. I taught recorder privately and at several tertiary institutions for many years on the larger island to the north of here. I have performed extensively as a soloist, have led early music ensembles and served as musical director of various recorder and early music societies in Sydney, Perth and Hobart.