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My interest in music of the distant past has centred largely on the recorder, though I have played a number of renaissance wind instruments as well as the trombone. In the past I have taught recorder at several tertiary institutions. Occasionally I teach private students who have exhausted other local resources.

The Word on the Street

  • Mollenhauer have released a new version of their Helder Recorder which has been redesigned with the assistance of recorder player and teacher, Susanne Fröhlich. The Helder Evo Tenor Recorder incorporates improvements in sound, intonation, mechanics and ergonomics. It features a knick-system head-joint, extends the range of the instrument, enhances the tone and volume of the lowest notes, includes a lip-operated device allowing dynamic control of timbre and volume, includes a tuning slide, a special thumb-rest and an elastic neck strap. These and other innovations are described and demonstrated by Susanne here and there; and they are explored fully in her very readable doctoral thesis, The New Potential of a 21st-century Recorder. Susanne is interviewed by Sarah Jeffery on the Team Recorder website.

    New version of the Helder Tenor Recorder now available from Mollenhauer

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