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AulosJapanToyama Musical Instruments Co. Ltd, 41 Ohara-cho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-0061+81 3 9608305+81 3 5916 2877 recorders, also fifes and baroque flutes
YamahaJapan7-9-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo+81 03 3572 3111 Series Recorders - quality plastic recorders of baroque-style with excellent response, and intonation. The 312 & 314 Series soprano and alto have an imitation woodgrain finish (rosewood or ebony).
20 Series - three-piece plastic recorders for beginners in ivory, black (photograph) or translucent Sour Apple Green, Bubble Gum Pink and Cotton Candy Blue.
40 Series Recorders - inexpensive wooden student recorders made of maple, with straight windways and a simple modern exterior profile.
60 Series Recorders - modern hardwood instruments with curved windways and a hand-rubbed oil finish; tenors and basses are provided with hard cases.
80 and 90 Series Recorders - handcrafted wooden baroque instruments at A=415 or 440 Hz (including alto after Denner) with curved windways, undercut tone holes, hand-rubbed oil finish, and imitation ivory rings.This range includes a bass with an interchangeable centre joint which plays at A=440 and 415.
Renaissance-style consort recorders at A=466 Hz.
The WX5 is an Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI, a MIDI-controlled synthesiser operated by the breath which can be programmed to feel and sound like any wind instrument, including the recorder.
400 Series Recorders - identical in acoustical design to their present 300 series, but made of a new composite material named Ecodear, which consists of 70% ABS plastic resin and 30% plant-based resin -- all previous models have been made of 100% ABS plastic. These new instruments are yellow in color and similar to boxwood in appearance, with white imitation ivory trim similar to that in the 300 series instruments. In addition to being more ecologically friendly, the new recorders have a tone quality that is somewhat more like a wooden recorder.
Zen-On Music Co., LtdJapan2-13-3 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8586+81 03 3269 0121 & wooden recorders, including plastic soprano after Stanesby Junior and alto after Bressan. Amongst their wooden instruments is an inexpensive tenor specially designed for players with small hands.
The Zen-On alto recorder Giglio G-1A / 415 is the the world's first injection-molded 415Hz alto recorder. The Zen-On Bressan G-1A is its counterpart at A440 Hz. These are, perhaps, the finest plastic recorders available today.

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