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Australia Northern Territory (NT) Northern Territory Recorder Guild Inc. +61(0) 8 8946 6149 [email protected]   View
Australia Queensland (QLD) North Queensland Recorder Society   [email protected] View
Australia Queensland (QLD) Recorders in Mt Isa       View
Australia New South Wales (NSW) Armidale Recorder Society +61 (02) 6772 2700 [email protected]   View
Australia New South Wales (NSW) Early Music Association of New South Wales (02) 9888-5454 [email protected] View
Australia New South Wales (NSW) Sydney Society of Recorder Players +61 (02) 9371 8347 [email protected] View
Australia New South Wales (NSW) Mountain Recorders +61 (047) 516 524     View
Australia Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Canberra Recorder & Early Music Society   [email protected] View
Australia Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Music for Everyone +61 (02) 6230 71 90 [email protected] View
Australia Victoria (VIC) Early Music Society of Victoria +61 (03) 9876 5210 [email protected] View
Australia Victoria (VIC) Victorian Recorder Guild Inc. +61 0403 108 215 (mobile) [email protected] View
Australia Victoria (VIC) Gippsland Recorder Group       View
Australia Tasmania (TAS) Hobart Society of Recorder Players +61 (03) 6229 6701 [email protected] View
Australia South Australia (SA) Society of Recorder Players South Australia +61 (08) 8278 1739 & 0410 109 135 [email protected] View
Canada Québec CAMMAC, Montréal Region +1 514 487 1957 [email protected] View
Canada Ontario CAMMAC, Toronto Region   [email protected] View
Belgium   Alamire Foundation & Flemish Early Music Centre (00)32-16-32.46.61 [email protected] View
Canada British Columbia Early Music Society of the Islands (EMSI) +1 (250) 882-5058 [email protected] View
Canada Québec Canadian Amateur Musicians (CAMMAC) +1 (888) 622 8755 [email protected] View
Canada Ontario CAMMAC, Ottawa-Gatineau Region   [email protected] View
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