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Title Kits allemande. Holländische Blockflötenmusik des 17. Jahrhunderts. Philipp Tenta presents Dutch Recorder Music.
Performers Philipp Tenta (recorder, drums, body-percussion)
Composers Anonymous
Pieter de Vois
Paulus Matthysz
Jacob van Noort
Johan Dix
Content Als Garinth
Pavane de Spanje (de Vois)
Je ne puis eviter (de Vois)
Object dont les charmes
Courante Bourbon
Kits Allemande (Matthysz)
Frere Frapar (van Noort)
Malle Symen (van Noort)
Frans Air (Dix)
Tweede nachtegaeltje
Sebastian Tenta

t Uitnement Cabinet (1646 und 1649), Der Goden Fluithemel (1644).
Label TCLB 851859
Extraplatte EX 4662
Recorded (DE)
Released 2001
Recorders Soprano, alto and tenor recorders by Mollenhauer after Hieronymous F. Kynsecker
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Date Recorded, Length, Reviews.
Medium CD
Cover image
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