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Title Gusty Winds may exist.
Performers Nancy Beckman (shakuhachi)
Tom Bickley (recorders)
Composers Nancy Beckman
Tom Bickley
Content Free Improvisation at Advanced Deep Listening Retreat (New Mexico):
Transcontinental 12:51 (first telepathic duet, 16 August 1999)
Time, place and condition 4:42 (multi-tracked trio with two tenor recorder parts added to the shakuhachi part; recorded 16 August and 9 October 1999)
Surface will 10:11 (second telepathic duet, 27 August 1999)
Iron & steel 2:04 (tenor recorder barrel, played as a brass instrument, recorded 9 October 1999, added to a shakuhachi improvisation from 27 September 1999)
Punctuated equilibrium 5:06 (third telepathic duet, 27 September 1999)
Rose Mountain 14:20 (first duo improvisation, recorded 29 July, 1999 at the Advanced Deep Listening Retreat, led by Pauline Oliveros, at Rose Mountain, NM)
An haiku may be edited without his author may know it 7:56 (first performance before a live general audience, at Plan B in Santa Fe, NM on 31 July 1999 as part of the concert Listen Deeply, Beauty Surrounds You)
Label Metatron MPCD 102R
Recorded see above (US)
Released 1999
Recorders baroque alto recorder in maple by Hiroyuki Takeyama, 1997, a=415 Hz
renaissance tenor recorder in maple by Peter Kobliczek, 1982, a=440 Hz
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Reviews.
Medium CD
Cover image
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