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Title Lyrische Szenen (Lyric Scenes).
Performers Susanna Laurin (recorder)
Composers Markus Zahnhausen
Content Jahreszeichen (Signs of the Seasons):

Frühlingsmusik (Spring Music)
I. Im Märzwald (The Woods in March)
II. Aprillige Laune (Aprilly Caprice)
III. Mondnacht im Mai (Moonlit Night in May)
IV. Junicanari (June Canary)

Sommerklänge (Sommer Sounds)
I. Der Tag erwacht (At Break of Day)
II. Spatzenkonzert (Concert of the Sparrows)
III. Fernes Gewitter (Distant Thunderstorm)
IV. Letzte Rose (Last Rose)

Herbstmusik (Autumn Music)
I. Morgennebel (Morning Mist)
II. Blätter im Wind (Leaves in the Wind)
III. Goldene Strahlen (Golden Beams)
IV. Winters-Ahnung (Premonition of Winter)

Winterbilder (Winter Images)
I. Einsamer Wanderer (Lonely Wanderer)
II. Weisse Weiten (White Expanses)
III. Noël
IV. Ein Hauch Frühling (A Breath of Springtime)
V. Nachklang (Recollection)

Lyrische Szenen (Lyric Scenes)
I. Pastoral
II. Traumspiel (Dream Play)
III. Nostalgischer Waltzer (Nostalgic Waltz)

Lux aeterna (1994)

Musica inquieta (Restless music)
I. Sonata
II. Aria interrotta
III. Rondo
Label BIS CD 1013
Recorded (SE)
Released 1999
Length 66:22
Comments We would appreciate further details of this recording, namely Date Recorded, Recorders Used, Reviews.
Medium CD
Cover image
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