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First Date c. 1518
Last Date 1523
Title Mirrour of Good Manners
Author Alexander Barclay (c. 1476-c.1552)
Quote So under like maner a childe tender and milde,
What thing he hath learned in his frayle tender age,
Shall finde thereof the fruite, when he passed childe,
And come to mannes estate, with double advauntage,
Therfore first record thou, as birde within a cage,
In thy joyous iuuent thy tunes tempting longe,
And then at mans estate forth with thy pleasaunt songe.
Notes Published 1570.

Barclay was a clergyman, poet, translator, and nonfiction writer who spent his entire recorded life in England. His Mirrour of Good Manners, in verse translated from a Latin text of the humanist scholar Domenico Mancini, about 1518, is a moral work analyzing the four cardinal virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance. It was printed by Pynson without a date.

iuuent (juventus) = youth (20-40 years)

Barclay was an English monk, poet and translator.
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