First Date1613
Last Date1634
TitleThe Two Noble Kinsmen V, ii.
AuthorJohn Fletcher (1579-1625) & William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
QuoteSD. Athens. Three altars prepared and inscribed severally to Mars, Venus and Diana … Still Music of records [sic]. Enter Emilia in white, her hair about her shoulders, [and wearing] a wheaten wreath.
NotesEmilia proceeds to sacrifice and pray to Diana and is accorded a portent.

The wreath, made of silver containing incense and sweet odours 'vanishes under the altar; and in the place ascends a rose tree, having one rose upon it'; later 'is heard a sudden twang of instruments, and the rose falls from the tree.'

Links between The Two Noble Kinsmen and contemporaneous works point to 1613–1614 as its date of authorship and first performance. It was first printed in 1634.
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