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Abbreviation Bizey
Surname Bizey
Given Name Charles
Dates ?1685-p1752
Provenance Paris, France
Notes Maker of wind-instruments, including recorders, flutes, oboes, rackets and bassoons. His career began in Paris where he worked from 1716 until 1752. Archival documents reveal that Charles Bizey, Prudent (Thierriot) and Dominique Porthaux were master makers at the same workshop on the rue Dauphine, in the parish of St André des Arts, first established by Bizey, c. 1745 when he moved from the rue Mazarin, his location from c. 1716, the year he became a master maker in Paris. He was the first French maker to provide the one-keyed flute with alternate upper middle joints of varying length. And his is the earliest known bass oboe.

Maker's marks: (fleur-de-lys) / BIZEY, (fleur-de-lys) / BIZEY / A PARIS / (sun)

Recorders by Charles Bizey
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