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Abbreviation Steenbergen
Surname Steenbergen
Given Name Jan
Dates 1676–c.1730
Provenance Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notes Jan Steenbergen came from Heerde in Gelderland.
A pupil of Richard Haka, his production consisted largely of recorders and oboes. Steenbergen lived and worked in Kerkstraat in Amsterdam until about 1730. A number of his recorders, traversi and oboes have survived.

Amongst the 8 or 9 surviving recorders by Steenbergen, one has three double holes (f'/f#' g'/g#', c''/c#''), which allows you to play a very stable and well tuned c#'''.

Notes from van Acht.

Maker's marks: I STEENBERGEN (scrolled) / (fleur-de-lys); I:STEENBERGEN. (scrolled) / (fleur-de-lys)

Recorders by Jan Steenbergen
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