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Abbreviation Beukers
Surname Beukers
Given Name Willem, Sr. & Jr.
Dates late 17C-1781
Provenance Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notes Willem senior was born in Utrecht in 1666, his son in Amsterdam in 1703. They spent most of their lives in Amsterdam, where they lived on Korte Dijkstraat. Both made recorders, flutes and oboes. Beukers senior died in 1750; the son died in 1781. Notes from van Acht.

Makers marks: Their recorders are variously stamped with a sheaf of wheat or a crown, namely W BEUKERS / (sheaf of wheat); (crown) / W: BEUKERS; (crown) / W:BEUKERS / (sheaf of wheat) Those stamped with a sheaf of wheat were probably made by Beukers Sr and are generally better finished than those stamped with a crown (Bouterse, 2001 & 2003).

Recorders by Willem Beukers, Sr & Jr
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