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Abbreviation Schuchart
Surname Schuchart
Given Name John Just
Dates 1695–1759
Provenance Germany, London
Notes John (Johan) Just Schuchart (b Germany, 1695; d London, 1759) was active a maker of wind instruments in London by 1720 and very probably worked for Bressan before setting up his own workshop by 1732, perhaps as early as 1725. Thomas Cahusac Senior (1714–1788) and Benjamin Hallet (fl. 1713–1753) were probably apprentices of his.

John Just's instruments cannot be differentiated from those of his son Charles (c. 1720–1765). Their combined output includes recorders, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. Johan Just Schuchart's instruments are marked I U I SCHUCHART with a double-headed spread-eagle. When John Just died, he designated as his successor not his son Charles, but his own son-in-law, another foreign-born woodwind maker called Henry (Hindrik).

Recorders by John Just Schuchart
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