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Abbreviation Schell
Surname Schell
Given Name Johann
Dates 1660–1732
Provenance Nuremberg, Germany
Notes Johann Schell (b Nuremberg, 1660; d Nuremberg, 1732) was the son of a hunt-lure turner, Anton Schell. He was active as a maker of recorders, transverse flutes and oboes from 1697 until his death.

He is first documented as a flute-maker in 1693. In 1694 he applied together with I.C. Denner to the council for the master’s rights as a woodwind-maker, which lead to him being admitted as a master in 1697. It is uncertain how significant the role was he played relative to Denner concerning the development of French woodwinds.

Contrary to statements by Nikel (1971) and Lerch (1996), Klemisch (2006) notes that Schell's extant recorders are highly developed with a modernising of design and sound.

Maker's marks: H SCHELL (in scroll) / S / (elaborate X-shaped monogram); H.SCHELL (in scroll) / S / JS; H·SCHELL / S / JS (monogram); H·SCHELL / S

Recorders by Johann Schell
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