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Abbreviation Rykel
Surname Rykel [Rijkel, Rikel, Rykjel]
Given Name Coenraad
Dates 1664–1726
Provenance Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notes Coenraad Rykel (b Amsterdam 1664; d Amsterdam 1726) was the son of Heinrich Rukoll, a tailor who came to Amsterdam from London before or in 1664. Coenraad was Richard Haka’s nephew and pupil. As well as an instrument maker, Rykel was a musician [bassoonist] in the theatre on Keizersgracht. When Haka moved to new premises in 1696, Rykel stayed on at the old address. A conflict arising from his continued use of his uncle’s name and stamp was resolved in Haka’s favour in 1700. Henceforth, until his death in 1726, Coenraad Rykel produced recorders and oboes under his own name. Notes from van Acht.

Recorders by Coenraad Rykel
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