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Abbreviation J-H-J Rottenburgh
Surname Rottenburgh
Given Name Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph
Dates 1672–1756
Provenance Brussels, Belgium
Notes Maker of recorders, transverse flutes, piccolos, oboes and basoons. His son Godefroid-Adrien was also a skilled recorder maker. His stamp continued to appear on instruments made by his son Godfroid-Adrien (1703–68) and grandson François-Joseph (1743–1803).

The illustrious organologist, acoustician, instrument collector and Conservateur of the Musée Instrumental du Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Bruxelles is the great grandson of J.-H.-J. Rottenburgh.

Maker's mark: I·H / ROTTENBURGH / (star).

Recorders by Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburg
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