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Abbreviation Palanca
Surname Palanca
Given Name Carlo
Dates c. 1691–1783
Provenance Turin, Italy
Notes Bassoonist and woodwind instrument maker; born Carlo Pitteti in Valsesia (ca 1691); died Turin (1783). He was the son and pupil of the instrument maker Giovanni Lorenzo Palanca (c.1645-p.1705). From his hands came the greatest number and variety of instruments by any 18th-century Italian maker. He seems to have developed in isolation. Palanca suffered from loss of eyesight beginning in 1770 and his mark may have been used thereafter by another maker perhaps finishing Palanca's work.
Palanca's instruments are marked CARLO | PALANCA | [sun, star or flower]

Bernardini (1985); de Avena Braga (2015: 50-53, 314-315, 325-333, figs. 77-80, 95-109); Haynes (2001: 22); Olding (1997); Voice (2015).

Recorders by Carlo Palanca
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