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Abbreviation Naust
Surname Naust
Given Name Pierre
Dates 1660–1709
Provenance Paris, France
Notes Pierre Naust (b La-Couture Boussey, 1660; d Paris, 1709) was active as an instrument maker in Paris from 1692 until his death. His output includes recorders, flageolets, transverse flutes, oboes and clarinets. His workshop was continued by his widow and other members of his family after his death until it was 1734 taken over by Thomas Lot by marrying into the Naust family. The flute in four joints might have been made for the first time in this workshop (before 1709), although this innovation is attributed to Charles Bizey as well.

Maker's marks: NAUST / (Brabant lion); (lion) / NAUST /A PARIS / (lion on all fours, facing right)

Recorders by Pierre Naust
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