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Abbreviation Anciuti
Surname Anciuti
Given Name Giovanni [Johannes] Maria
Dates 1674-1744
Provenance Milan & Venice, Italy
Notes Italian maker of recorders, flutes d'accord, transverse flutes, oboes and bassoons; op. Milan (1709-1741). His full name is known to us from the marks on only two instruments, namely Ioannes Maria Anciuti on a contra-bassoon and Anciutus on a double recorder. His other surviving instruments, which are often made of ivory, include recorders and double recorders, oboes, a bass flute and, possibly, a flute.

Until recently, Anciuti was thought to to be a pseudonym, an appropriate one for a maker of reed (It. ancia) instruments. This was an expedient sometimes used in the 18th century by makers who wished to evade the rigid rules of the guild. However, it is now known that Anciut's name is a proper name originating from Carnia, a mountain region north of Udine and that he was a native of Forno di Sopra in the Venetian State (Careras & Meroni, 2008). Significantly, the winged Lion of Venice device, symbol of the Venetian Republic, appears on numerous examples of Anciuti's work.

Maker's mark: [lion of St Mark] | ANCIVTI | A MILAN(O)

Voice (2014: 97) suggests that Giovanni was most likely to have done his apprenticeship with a family workshop in Venice.Recorders by Giovanni Maria Anciuti
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