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Abbreviation Adler
Surname AdlerJ
Given Name Robert Johannes
Dates 1899-1963
Provenance Markneukirchen, Germany
Notes The firm of Johannes Adler had its roots in the world-famous Musikwinkel of the upper Vogtland - a picturesque region in the south-western part of Saxony. It was established in 1924 by Johannes Adler (1899-1963), grandson of the instrument maker Johann Gottlob Adler (1825-1900), who founded the family workshop in Markneukirchen in 1881, and son of Robert Oswald Adler (1863 -1946). Johannes Adler became well-known through the manufacture and sale of recorders.

Prior to the fall of the Iron Curtain, Johannes Adler joined forces with Alexander Heinrich who, as Adler-Heinrich GmbH, produced a wide range of recorders. They ceased production in 2007.

The first recorders offered by Johannes Adler were supplied by Martin Kehr and Max König & Söhne. It is presumed that Johannes Adler and his father Robert Oswald commenced their own recorder production in 1934 under director of woodwind instrument making was Kurt Weck, who had learned his trade from Robert Oswald Adler. It is not known if he was also responsible for actual recorder making.

Innovations in recorder design made by the Johannes Adler workshop include instruments with recessed finger-holes, a perforated plateau key which enabled true accidentals to be played when partially opened, a model named "Superbal" with a labium with raised carved sides, and the "Knickbas" made from 1837/1938.

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