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Abbreviation KruspeFC
Surname Kruspe
Given Name Franz Carl
Dates 1808-1885
Provenance Mühlhause & Erfurt
Notes Woodwind instrument maker Franz Carl Kruspe (1808-1885) founded his workshop in Mühlhausen in 1829, moving to Erfurt in 1836. His son, Friedrich Wilhelm (1838-1911) was trained by his father and later took over the workshop.. His son, Eduard (1871-1919) took over the workshop in the third generation. After the latter's death, the workshop and brand-name passed to Gottlob Hermann Huüller in Schüneck, also a maker of woodwind instruments, in partnership with his sons Max, Oskar, Kurt, Hermann and Wilhelm.
Although the Franz Carl Kruspe worshop id not make recorders they did make csakans. For an example see here
Thalheimer (2013: 72-73)
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