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Abbreviation Hinkeldei
Surname Hinkeldei [Hinkeldey]
Given Name Thomas
Dates 1885-1966
Provenance Zwota, Germany
Notes Son of woodwind instrument maker Christian Karl Hinkeldei Snr (1847-1914) who founded the family workshop in 1872. Thomas worked as an instrument maker until the War, after which he was only an instrument dealer and did some work for accordion makers at home. On his death the workshop passed to his son Carl (1924-1971).

The Hinkeldei workshop specialised in flutes and recorders as well as simple shawms. Their recorders were made only in c'', d'', a' and f'. As well as all-wooden instruments some were made with plastic head-joints. They also made six-holed pipes with or without keys and with or without a windcap.

The workshop worked for the firm of G.H. Hüller in Schöneck and collaborated with the Jahn family in Zwota. Some Hinkeldei instruments are signed HARO, a brand name not yet associated with any specific Vogtland dealer.

Thalheimer (2013: 58-59)

Instruments from the Hinkeldei workshop
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