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Abbreviation EL-Schlosser
Surname Schlosser
Given Name Ernst Ludwig
Dates 1905-1973
Provenance Zwota, Germany
Notes Member of a family of woodwind makers from the Vogtland area of eastern Germany who made recorders for Hermann J. Moeck (including the 'Tuju' model) Hans Jordan, August Richard Hammig, and others, and it is not possible to say which of their unbranded instruments originated in their workshops. However, those of Heinrich Oskar, "the black", and his descendents are often recognizable.

Schlosser family members who made recorders include:

Gustav Adolph Schlosser (1845-?)
     Heinrich Oskar Schlosser (1875-1935), "der weisse"
          Ernst Paul Schlosser (1905-1965)
          Siegfried Schlosser (*1934)
Johann Gabriel Schlosser Jr (1835-1894)
     Heinrich Oskar Schlosser (1875-1947), "der schwarze"
          Ernst Ludwig Schlosser (1905-1973
               Rüdiger Schlosser (1934-2005)
          Erich Oskar Schlosser (196-c.1943)

The two cousins who shared the same name were distinguished by their hair colour.
Thalheimer, P. (2005; 2008: 176-183; 2013: 80-81)

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