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Abbreviation Uebel
Surname Uebel
Given Name  
Dates 19-20 C
Provenance Wohlhausen, Markneukirchen
Notes 1878 - 1936 Company F.G. Uebel in Wohlhausen (clarinet construction company).
1936 F. Arthur Uebel in Markneukirchen and G. Rudolf evils in Wohlhausen.
After the death of F. Arthur Uebel his nephew G. Rudolf Uebel took over the workshop. In all three workshops produced recorders.
F. Arthur Uebel produced recorders until 1963 for the handler Wilhelm Herwig (Herwiga).
After 1963 Werner Uebel (nephew of F.A. Uebel), took over recorder production or Herrnsdorf. G. Rudolf Uebel (1915-1991) often used the upturned surname on his instruments: Lebü.
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