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Abbreviation Jahn
Surname Jahn
Given Name Wilhelm Jr
Dates op. 1920-1936
Provenance Zwota, Germany
Notes A musical instrument making family dating back to the 19th century. Friedrich Wilhelm Jahn, who died before 1880, was a harmonica maker. His son, Friedrich Wilhelm Jahn Jr. (1859-1940 registered as a maker of wodwind instruments in 1880 and, in 1907, as a maker of woodwind instruments. Two of his sons, Wilhelm (1880-1949) and Karl August (1882-1969), were also employed in the workshop. Wilhelm, the elder son, inherited the family house which also included the workshop, and took this over as well. Wilhelm Jahn's second son, Kurt Wilhelm (1910-1941), also seems to have been employed in the workshop before the War.

6-8 instrument makers were employed at the Jahn workshop producing mainly recorders and some bassoons. The recorders were mostly supplied to the form of Gustav Herrnsdorf in Markneukirchen, but also to C.W. Moritz (Berlin), G. Mollenhauer & Söhne (Kassel), C.W. Meisel sen., Klingenthal (brand name "Cyclop") and others. Jahn also produced special models for Herrnsdorf, e.g. recorders with a plastic-sleeved beak, recorders in C with a B foot, recorders with a key operated by the little finger of the uppermost hand for producing a note pitched below the fundamental, and a rather elegant double key for the lowest note of a basset recorder.

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Recorders from the Jahn workshop
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