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Abbreviation Cahusac Jr
Surname Cahusac
Given Name Thomas
Dates b. 1756
Provenance Reading, Berkshire
Notes An undated trade card of Thomas Cahusac Sr. (1714-1798) offers Common Flutes of all Sizes. around 1787, his young son Thomas Cahusac Jr. b. 1756) set up a workshop in Reading, Berkshire, about 40 miles west of London. He advertised that he Manufactures and sells every article in the musical line as cheap as in London; and all istruments bought of him, if not approved of may be exchanged after one week’s trial. German flutes from 7s 6d to 6l 6s … Common Flutes 2s 6d to 6s each. Fifes from 1s to 7s each … This advertisement is useful in showing us the relative price of transverse flutes, recorders, and fifes. A year later, Cahusac Jr advertised Common Flutes and Fifes of all sizes … (Lasocki 2012).

Recorders by Cahusac Sr or Jr
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