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Abbreviation Mason
Surname Mason
Given Name John
Dates f. 1754–1778
Provenance ?London
Notes Mason advertised in the Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser, 26 January 1756 that he had invented the C-foot for the transverse flute, a claim that was refuted by both Gedney and Charles Schuchart (John Just’s son). The newspapers reveal more about Mason’s career. In 1765 he advertised that he assures the Public, he has been Fife-maker to his Majesty’s three Regiments of Guards these 18 Years … He makes the most curious German and Common Flutes, Fifes, Hautboys, Clarinets, Bassoons, Vox Humanes, &c. his Work being well known, and used through all Parts of his Majesty’s Dominions Abroad and at Home.

Mason was in the midst of another dispute: this time with Brown and the Irish maker Henry Colquhoun (d. 1791) over who had invented the detachable mouthpiece for the transverse flute as well as the bass (more likely alto or tenor) flute (Lasocki 2012).
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