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Abbreviation Brown
Surname Brown
Given Name George
Dates fl. 1716–1766
Provenance Germany, Ireland, England
Notes First mentioned in a Dublin newspaper of 1754. Although he still listed 'Common flutes' his specialities were transverse flutes, a detachable mouthpiece for focussing the tone on these instruments and cane transverse flutes. By 1753 he had moved to London.

From Dublin, Brown made forays to Oxford, where he advertised in Jackson's Oxford Journal (20 November 1754)that he 'MAKES all Sorts of Wind Musical Instruments in the greatest Perfection, true and pleasant toned … Hautboys, Bassoons, Clar[i]nets, and Common Flutes … especially a good Concert Common Flute which is the Foundation of all Instruments.

In the Daily Advertiser, 1 January 1766, Brown noted that he was esteemed by great Judges to be a complete Master of his Trade, having practised that Art in Germany (his native Country) and in England, for near 50 Years past (Lasocki 2012).
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