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Abbreviation Hieronimo de li flauti
Surname Salombron
Given Name Hieronymus
Dates fl. 1580-1620
Provenance Venice, Italy
Notes Instruments variously stamped HIE·S, HIER·S, HIERO·S and HIERS have been attributed to this maker who, according to Fiabane Armando (ex Francesco Li-Virghi, pers. commm. 2012) was Hieronymus Salombron (Hironimo de piffari or Hieronimo de li flauti). Salombron's workshop was located in the same district where 60 years earlier Hieronimo Bassano worked. Fiabane suggests that it could perhaps be one and the same premises. Had the maker with the mark HIE·S or HIER·S had been active in the first half of the century, surely Ganassi should have reported it.

It is possible that the Venetian branch of the Bassano family (Jeronimo I, Jacomo, Santo) used the HIER·S· mark. A couple of other possible makers with the first name Hieronymus or Hieronimo lived in or near Venice during the sixteenth century: Hieronimo de Udine and Jheronimo Geroldi. Two of the cornetts marked HIER·S· are also stamped with double eagles, perhaps the mark of the Tiefenbrucker family, who may have sold instruments by other makers at their shop in Venice. See Lyndon-Jones (1996).

Brown & Lasocki (2006) suggest that the maker of recorders stamped HIE·S and HIER·S may have been Jeronimo Bassano, who flourished in the early 16th century, rather than the Hieronimo de li flauti from the latter part of the century.

Brown (pers. comm., 2007) reports that the HIER·S· basset in Sibiu was made using the same reamer as the HIERS· and HIE·S bassets in Vienna (SAM 160 & 161), and that the Sibiu bass also looks pretty similar to one of the HIES basses in Vienna.

Maker's mark: (double eagle) / HIER S·; (double eagle / HIER·S; HIE·S; and possibly HIER·S·

Recorders by Hieronimo de li flauti
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