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Abbreviation Heitz
Surname Heitz (Heytz)
Given Name Johann
Dates 1672-1737
Provenance Berlin, Germany
Notes Johann Heitz (b Kerrenhof, Sachsen-Gotha, 1672; d Berlin, 1737) worked in Berlin from 1702 until his death producing recorders (including echo flutes) and transverse flutes.

Many of Heitz' recorders have the unusual construction of a boxwood body with a tortoiseshell coating and furnished richly with ivory rings. It has been suggested by Kirnbauer & Krickeberg (1987) that Bressan, the only other maker known to have used tortoishell technique, could have been Heitz' teacher. However, I note that an alto recorder by N Hotteterre (stamped */N/HOTTETERRE) formerly in the Rosenbaum Collection in New York (now dispersed) had a tortoiseshell veneer as does an anonymous German alto recorder at F-Paris: E.980.2.84

Maker's marks: (fleur-de-lys / I·HEYTZ; (crown) / I HEYTZ / stylised flower

Schmidt (1986) has supposed that the instruments, marked with fleurs-de-lis, were produced for the French market.

Recorders by Johann Heitz
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