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Abbreviation Heerde
Surname Heerde, van
Given Name Jan Juriaensz, Albert (Albertus) & Jan
Dates 1638-1691
Provenance Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notes Jan Jurriaannsz van Heerde was the father of
Albertus van Heerde and the grandfather of Jan van
Heerde. He came from Groenlo and moved first to
Naarden and from there about 1670 to Amsterdam.
He became a well known wind instrument maker in
that city, producing recorders, transverse flutes, and oboes. Notes from van Acht.

A single recorder by Jan Juriaenz. survives, of ivory stamped I.V.H. in a scroll; an ivory sopranino with the same stamp was lost in WW2. Albert probably made most of the surviving recorders. There is a single recorder by Jan who also made flutes and oboes (Bouterse, 2001).

Recorders by Jan Juriaensz., Albert & Jan van Heerde
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