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Abbreviation Hallett
Surname Hallett
Given Name Benjamin
Dates 1713-1753-
Provenance Great Britain (England, United Kingdom, GB, UK)
Notes Benjamin Hallett (b. London, 1713; d. after 1753) was a maker of oboes and recorders, living and working in Stationers Alley (also known as Boyles Head Court), off the N side of The Strand, London. The instrument-maker Thomas Cahusac lived in the same street (possibly the same house) from the mid-1730s to the late 1740s. Payment of rates on Hallet's house were taken over by Cahusac in 1748 when Hallet moved to Stationers Alley to Exeter Court, further to the East, where he stayed until 1753 at which time the rate collector books record that he was poor. He took an apprentice Antony Bigs in 1748 and another, Thomas Ryan, in 1749. It is not known when he died.

Recorders by Benjamin Hallett
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