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Abbreviation Aardenberg
Surname Aardenberg
Given Name Abraham Van
Dates 1672-1717
Provenance Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notes Abraham Van Aardenberg, born in Amsterdam in
1672, was Richard Haka’s pupil. He set up independently in 1698 and lived on Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. For nearly 20 years, until his death in 1717, he made traversi, recorders, oboes and bassoons. His recorders and oboes are exceptional in quality and style. Notes from van Acht.

In many aspects Van Aardenberg made the most atypical recorders. Not only are the turned profiles very characteristic, so are the form of the labium, the joint bore and the finger-hole features, which differ from all of the recorders by Dutch and foreign woodwind makers. Notes from Bouterse (2001).

His stamps are of three kinds each including various forms of AARDENBERG in a scroll and one or three fleurs de lis; two kinds also feature a device representing a leaping deer.

Recorders by Abraham Van Aardenberg
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