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Abbreviation JC Denner
Surname Denner
Given Name Johann Christoph
Dates 1655–1707
Provenance Nuremberg, Germany
Notes Johann Christoph Denner (b Leipzig, 1655: d Nuremberg, 1707) was the son of Heinrich Denner, a turner of game whistles and hunting horns. His earlier instruments are renaissance in style, but about 1684 when new-style instruments were brought into Germany from France, Denner was quick to realize the advantage to be gained from adopting the new designs. His workmanship was of such a quality that he soon gained fame beyond his own country. His surviving instruments include recorders, shawms, oboes, rackets, bassoons, rackets, and the clarinet. The invention of both the baroque racket and the clarinet have been credited to Denner.

Maker's mark: ·I·C DENNER (scrolled)/ D

On the foot-joint of one of his early instruments there is a stamp I.C. (Johann Denner ?) and Felbinger 1682. Felbinger may have been the owner of the instrument.

The I.C. DENNER mark was clearly used by other makers after Denner’s death in 1707, through the mid-eighteenth century (Kirnbauer 1992).

Recorders made by Johann Christoph Denner
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