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Abbreviation J Denner
Surname Denner
Given Name Jacob
Dates 1681–1735
Provenance Nuremberg, Germany
Notes Jacob Denner (b Nuremberg, 1681; d Nuremberg, 1735), the eldest son of the instrument maker Johann Christoph Denner (born Leipzig), continued his father's work, making recorders, flutes, oboes and clarinets. And he worked for the Medecis court in Florence in 1708 and received his Master's rights in 1716. He was employed at several courts as Stadtmusicus (city musician) and oboist (eg. at Bayreuth and Ansbach).

Doppelmayr (1730) describes Jacob Denner as not only a world-famous master of his own and other instruments but … specially remarkable for his oboe playing. See Kirnbauer & Thalheimer (1995). It seems that Jacob's younger brother, Johann David, took over their father's shop, while Jacob started his own.

Maker's mark: I·Denner (in scroll with rolled up ends) / I(fir tree)D
'Denner' is an old German word for the pine tree; hence the depiction of a pine.

Recorders by Jacob Denner
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