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Abbreviation Bressan
Surname Bressan (Jaillard)
Given Name Peter (Pierre)
Dates 1663-1730
Provenance Paris & London
Notes Born Bourg-en-Bresse (1663), Bressan was apprenticed to the woodturner Pierre Boissier between 1678 and 1680. He was making recorders in Paris between 1680 and 1683. There is little to indicate that his style was influenced by other French makers of the time, although his instruments resemble those of Rippert.

From 1683, Bressan was working in England, probably at the invitation of the recorder player Jacques Paisible. According to a 1691 archive, he was oboist in the service of King William III. He left England in 1730 due to financial troubles and died shortly after in early 1731 at Tournai.

His output includes recorders, transverse flutes and oboes. Amongst those who followed in his footsteps were Bradbury, Schuchardt, Stanesby Snr and Jr, and Urquhart. Bressan also published music by Castrucci and Barsanti.

Maker's mark: P u I / BRESSAN / (Lancastrian rose). The 'u' appears to be a horseshoe-shaped hyphen.

Recorders by Peter Bressan
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