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Abbreviation Boekhout
Surname Boekhout
Given Name Thomas
Dates 1666-1715
Provenance Amsterdam, Netherlands
Notes Thomas Boekhout, born in Kampen (Overijssel) in 1666, died Amsterdam (1715), trained with Jan de Jager (1658-1692)), whose niece, Barbera de Jager, he married. He lived in Amsterdam on Keizersgracht and Kerkstraat. In 1713 he advertised in the Amsterdamse Courant, that he maekt en verkoopt alle soort van Fluyten, Hobois . . . Bas Fluyten die al haar tonen geven als op een gemeene Fluyt, en een niuw soort van Bassoons beyde door hem geinventeert (makes and sells all kinds of recorders, oboes . . . bass recorders which give all the notes as on a normal recorder, and a new sort of bassoon, both invented by him). In 1731 the inventory of the Marienkirche at Danzig listed a recorder made by him.

Jager's son Frederik assisted him between 1694 and 1707.

Thomas Boekhout made recorders (his basset recorders are famous), transverse flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons. Notes from van Acht.

Some of his basset recorders were made with an extra key on hole 3 so that the same fingering as that of an alto could be use. His single-keyed bassets are were made in several models. Thus he seems to have experimented with basset recorders (Bouterse, 2001).

Maker's mark: (crown) / T·BOEKHOUT / (Brabant lion); (crown) / T BOEKHOUT / (Brabant lion)

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