Given NameRudolf
ProvenanceAldingen, Kreis Tutlingen, Markneukirchen; Germany
NotesRudolf Ottoo (1912-20040 was born in Markneukirchen, the son of merchant Richard Otto. He graduated as a master maker of woodwind instruments in 1939 but was building recorders as early as 1933 for his farther's firm. By 1937 he was selling them directly. He also made other instruments including clarinets, oboes and flutes. His range of recorders were in four categories: School recorders, consort recorders, "Werk" recorders and master recorders. His innovations included a block made of ebonite, a beak with a plastic sleeve, a wider surface for double holes, and a semitone key operated by the little finger of the left hand for the fourth degree of the recorder's natural scale. Otto also made vogtländischer-csakans with semitone keys.
Otto made recorders for Nagel (Hannover), Gustav Herrnsdorf (Markneukirchen) and Moeck (Celle). He also made Bärenreiter recorders for Max Hüller, notably alto recorders in f' after the Ruëtz model.
Thalheimer (2013: 76-70)
Recorders by Rudolf Otto