SurnameT Lot
Given NameThomas
ProvenanceParis, France
NotesThomas Lot (b La-Couture Boussey 1708; d Paris, 1787) came from a long line of woodwind-instrument makers native to the town of La Couture-Boussey in Normandy who operated businesses in Paris throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Thomas worked as an instrument maker from 1734 until his death. His output includes recorders, flageolets, double recorders and transverse flutes. He built flutes for many of the most prominent Parisian flutists of the early 18th century, including Michel Blavet, Mozart's friend Johann Baptist Wendling, and Jacques-Christophe Naudot. His instruments were also owned by many of the royal and aristocratic houses of Europe. See Giannini (1993).

Recorders by Thomas Lot