SurnameGrece (or Grege)
Given NameP. (possibly Pierre)
Dates17th century
ProvenanceBologna, Italy
NotesMaker's mark: P·GRECE (or P·GREGE)

Since little or nothing is known of P. Grece, it has been suggested that he was a craftsman (possibly a flute-maker) employed at the Rafi workshop prior to 1675 (the year of the donation of instruments to the Accademia) in order to complete a consort of recorders of the same model as the two built earlier by Rafi himself.

We cannot rule the above hypothesis out, but another possibility is that P. Grece was the Pierre Rafi documented in 1528-1529 as a brother of Claude Rafi who had also worked in the atelier of his father, Michaud Rafi (d. 1534). What is certain is that if Pierre had been a blood brother of Claude he would have had access to the Rafi mark. If, instead of being a natural child of Michaud Rafi, Pierre was adopted then he would have been required to use a different mark. It may be significant that Grece marked his work with his own name and with a small coat of arms in low relief quite similar to that of Rafi and made with the same technique but, rather unusually, impressed on the foot instead of on the front of the instrument as was customary.

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Recorders by P[ierre] Grece