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Given Name
Terton Terton Engelbert 1676-1752 Amsterdam, Netherlands Engelbert Terton, born in 1676 in Rijssen
in Overijssel, Holland. He probably studied instrument-making with Jan Jurriansz van Heerde. In 1710, he came to Amsterdam where his first address was Warmoesstraat. In 1731 he bought a house on Nieuwezijds Achterburgwal, where he lived until his death in 1752. Recorders, oboes and a transverse flute have survived. Notes from van Acht.

Maker's mark: (crown) / E:TERTON / (Brabant lion) although the lion is missing on two of his recorders and on an oboe.

Recorders by Engelbert Terton
Townsend Townsend John 1819 - 1869 Manchester, Great Britain (England, United Kingdom, GB, UK) The firm of Townsend flourished in Manchester between ca 1825 and 1860 as music publishers, sellers, and instrument dealers.

Blanchfield (1990)
Waterhouse (1993)
MacMillan (2008: 59)

Recorders by John Townsend
Troup Troup W.G. c. 1775–1800 Great Britain (England, United Kingdom, GB, UK) Recorders by W.G. Troup View
Valiani Valiani   16c Italy Recorders by Valiani View
Villars Villars Paul c. 1741–1776 Paris, France Woodwind instrument maker whose output included clarinets, flutes, oboes and recorders. Brother-in-law of the instrument-maker Charles Bizey.

Recorders by Paul Villars
G Walch Walch Georg 1690–c. 1716 Berchtesgaden, Germany Maker of recorders & flageolets; brother of Augustin (b 1668) & Andreas (b 1672); father of Johann Georg (b 1764) & Lorenz I (1735-1809). See Bruckner (1979).

Recorders by Georg Walch
L Walch II Walch Lorenz (II) 1786–1862 Berchtesgaden, Germany Lorenz Walch II (b Berchtesgaden 1786; d Berchtesgaden 1862) was active as an instrument maker from 1809 until his death. He is known for his recorders, flageolets, flûtes d'acord, walking-stick flutes and clarinets. Grandson of Georg (b 1690).

Maker's marks: (5 petal flower)/LORENZ WALCH/BERCHTESGADEN
LORENZ/BERCHTESGADEN/(5-leafed symbol)

Zimmerman (1957: 21-24)
Bruckner (1979)
Waterhouse (1993)
MacMillan (2008: 114)

Recorders by Lorenz II Walch
P Walch Walch Paul 1810–1873 Berchtesgaden, Germany Maker of recorders, flageolets, fifes, piccolos, walking-stick recorders and clarinets. Grandson of Georg (b. 1690), brother of Lorenz II (1786-1862).

Makers mark: (7-pointed star)/PAUL WALCH/BERCHTESGADEN/(rosette) changed ca 1850 to (crown)/PAUL WALCH/BERCHTESGADEN, following a visit of King Ludwig of Bavaria to the town.

Paul was the last of the family to make recorders, though he passed his skills on to George Oeggle (1851-1929), thus ensuring the future of the centuries-old tradition of recorder making in Berchtesgaden.

Bruckner (1979)
MacMillan (2008: 113-115)

Recorders by Paul Walch
A Walch Walch Augustin or his brother Andreas Augustin (b 1668); Andreas (b 1672) Berchtesgaden, Germany Makers of recorders; brothers of Georg (b 1690). See Bruckner (1979).

Recorders by Augustin or Andreas Walch
L Walch I Walch Lorenz (I) 1735-1809 Berchtesgaden, Germany Maker of recorders, double recorders, transverse flutes and shawms; grandfather of Paul, father of Lorenz II, son of Georg (b.1690).

Bruckner (1979)
MacMillan (2008: 85, 113-115)

Recorders by Lorenz I Walch
IG Walch Walch Johann Georg 1688–17?? Berchtesgaden, Germany Johann Georg Walch is known for his recorders, flûte d'acord and oboes.

Recorders by IG Walch
Weigel Weigel I.T. second quarter 18c Breslau, Germany Maker of recorders, oboes and cor-anglais.

Recorders by I.T. Weigel
Wyne Wyne [Wijne] Robert 1698–1774 Nijmegen, Netherlands Robert Wijne was born in 1698 in Nijmegen. The family originally came from either Nijmegen or Hees. A number of his recorders, traversi and oboes have survived. Robert Wijne died in 1774. Notes from van Acht.

Maker's mark is R.WYNE in a scroll.

Recorders by Robert Wyne
W Koch Koch William F. Sr. 1892–1970 Haverhill, New Hampshire, United States of America (USA) Founded in 1934 by William F Koch (1892-1970) and continued by his son Bill Koch (1926-2009).

Recorders by William F. Koch Sr.
Schin Schin Joseph c. 1840 Neuburg an der Donau, Germany The workshop of Schin was founded by Joseph Shin I in the early 19th century and continued as a family concern until ca 1870.

Waterhouse (1993)
MacMillan (2008: 56)

Recorders by Joseph Schin
Ziemann-Molitor Ziemann-Molitor Heinrich & Elisabeth c. 1935 Hamburg, Germany Music educationalists who made recorders for the Waldorf School system established by Rudolf Steiner in the early 1920s. These so-called System Ziemann-Molitor recorders were soprano recorders pitched to A=432 Hz, the so-called 'Sun tone" or 'Michael tone', in keeping with Steiner's requirements. See Reynold (1998/2004: 161) and Zeimann-Molitor (1930 & 1933). Since 2002, inspired by Steiner's teachings, the firm Mollenhauer have made Waldorf Edition recorders with exchangeable pentatonic and chromatic bodies.

Recorders by Heinrich & Elisabeth Ziemann-Molitor
Schuster Schuster Heinrich Moritz op. 1871–1973 Markneukirchen, Germany Markneukirchen dealership founded by Heinrich Waldemar Schuster in 1871. From 1897 the company traded under the names "HeMoSch". From 1906 it was called "Musikhaus Heinr. Moritz Schuster". After the founder's death in 1913, the heirs sold the business to the merchant Paul Ficker whose daughter Gertraud ran the wholesale business until 1973.

The trademark Cid (found on csakans) was owned by this company.

Recorders by Heinrich Moritz Schuster
Egl Egl Peter 18C Berchtesdaden, Germany Recorders by Peter Egl View
Fische Fische Ni(kolaus) early 18C Berchtesgaden, Germany Recorders by Nikolaus Fische View
Harlan Harlan Peter Harlan 1898–1966 Markneukirchen, Germany Harlan did not himself make recorders but commissioned others to do so. A large collection of pieces from the workshop of Peter Harlan is located in the Musikinstrumentenmuseum der Universität Leipzig.

Recorders marketted by Peter Harlan
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