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Given Name
Moritz Moritz Carl Wilhelm   Berlin, Germany Carl Wilhelm Moritz was the son of and successor to J.G. Moritz. The elder Moritz died in 1835. C.W. Moritz continued the business for the next twenty years, making brasswind instruments. On his death in 1855, the business was continued by his wife and sons. Recorders bearing the firm's stamp may have been made for them elewhere, probably by one of the Markneukirchen makers. View
Bainbridge Bainbridge Wiliam fl. 1809-1834 England, Great Britain, United Kingdom, UK Known chiefly as a maker and developer of the flageolee, inventing double and triple versions of that instrument. He played flute, oboe, and flageolet. There is a sole reference to a recorder made by him, but its whereabouts is unknown.

Recorders made by William Bainbridge
Destuyver Destuyver J.B. fl. late 19C – early 20C Ghent, Belgium Known by only one recorder.

Waterhouse (1993)
MacMillan (2008: 89)

Recorders made by J.B. Destuyver
Sattler Sattler   early 18C~ Leipzig, Germany Four generations of the Sattler family were active in Leipzig from the early 18th century and used the mark 'S' in the latter half of that century. The presence of the 'A' suggests either Carl Andreas Wilhelm (1758–1788) or possibly Fridrich August (1775–1850).

Recorders made by Sattler
Musima Musima GmbH   1953–2004 Markneukirchen, Germany 1953–1990: VEB Musikinstrumentenbau Kombinat
1990-2004: Musima GmbH
Bankrupt in 2004
Brandname 'Musima' bought by township Markneukirchen.
Riley Riley Frederick 19th century New York, United States of America (USA) Probably involved in instrument making from 1845-47, when he headed Frederick Riley & Co. In the 1845 NYCD, his firm advertised as Manufacturers of Musical Instruments … Military Bands supplied with setts [sic] of Instruments at reasonable prices. Brass & Side Drums of extra size made to order. N.B. Riley & Co. are not merely vendors of Instruments and Music, but are practical manufacturers.

From Groce, N. (1991). Musical instrument makers of New York: a Directory of Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Urban Craftsman. Annotated Reference Tools in Music No. 4. Pendragon Press, Hillsdale. ISBN 0-918728-97-5.
Foley Foley   fl. 1780 England Known from a single instrument. Stamp FOLEY/ [motif: a fan or plume shape within a square].

Recorders made by Foley
Proser Proser   op. 1777–1795 London A flute and bassoon maker, known for a single recorder.

Recorders made by Proser
Tegekhout Tegekhout   17th or 18th century Belgium Maker's mark: crown / TEGEKHOUT / lion
Further information about this maker would be very welcome.

Recorders made by Tegekhout
Picard Picard   op. 1896 France I would very much appreciate additional information on this maker.

Recorders made by Picard
Chaplin Chaplin C.H. fl. 1941 Letchworth I would be grateful for further details of this instrument maker.

Recorders made by C.H. Chaplin
Settala Settala Manfredo 1600–1680 Milan A clergyman, physician and naturalist who built 100 or so musical instruments in his own workshop, amongst them an armonia di flauti, for exhibition in his camera delle meraviglie.

Armonia di flauti made by Manfredo Settala
Koch Koch William F. Jr 1926–2009 Haverhill, New Hampshire, United States of America (USA) Founded in 1934 by William F Koch (1892-1970) and continued by his son Bill Koch (1926-2009).

Recorders made by Koch Sr & Jr
King King Max op. 1920–1938 Zwota bei Klingenthal, Saxony Stamped MERZ VILLAGE MARKNEUKIRCHEN. The dealer was Walter Merzdorf.

Recorders made by Max King
Couesnon & Cie Couesnon   op. 1920–1939 Paris, France   View
Schmiedl Schmiedl [later Schmidl] Hausa [Balthasar] op. 1920-1934 Heiligenblut, Austria Carinthian turner and wood sculptor who operated under primitive conditions. He made recorders from 1930-1938, before abandoning it. He also made Tyrolean schwegelpfeifen (fifes).

Recorders made by Hausa Schmiedl
Eckert Eckert A.J. op. 1920–1950 Lyon, France Recorders made by A.J. Eckert View
Pastalit     op. 1920–1936 Vogtland, Germany Pastalit is also the name of the plastic used in some of their recorders.

Recorders made by Pastalit
Stark Stark Paul Reinhard op. 1920–1936 Wohlhausen, Germany Marketted as Pastalit.
Recorders made by Paul Stark
Götz Götz   op. 1954 East Germany I would appreciate more information about this maker.

Recorders by Götz
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