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Collection Abbreviation D-Munich: Stadtmus.
Accession 180/43
Maker Abbreviation Schrattenbach
Lowest Note G#
Size extended contrabass
Year Made
Pitch 440
Pieces 2
Length >1603
Keys 4
Material Body maple
Material Mounts brass
Material Keys brass
Notes Fontanelle band stamped HANS RAVCH VON SCHRATT. Crook enters at top of cap. An extended recorder: lowest note is G#, with all 10 holes closed. c# is produced by the fingering 0 123 4567.

For critical measurements & other details see Adrian Brown's Renaissance Recorders Database.

Lowest note and performance pitch from Brown (2005b). Brown considers this to be an extended instrument, with extensions to the G# below. Haynes (2002) gives this instrument a nominal pitch of G at A=455 Hz.
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