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Collection Abbreviation F-Paris
Accession E.127
Maker Abbreviation Schrattenbach
Lowest Note d#+
Size bass (columnar)
Year Made
Pitch 440
Length 1006
Keys 4
Material Body maple
Material Mounts brass
Material Keys brass
Notes Stamped with a double trefoil & thus probably by a member of the Schrattenbach family. A columnar recorder with extension (three additional keys & fingerholes & a back-bore, in the manner of a bassoon). Corresponding alto instrument at Brussels.

Postel (1974) considers the Saeulenblockfloete Frankfurt 4260. He cites the well-known passage about the Oosters Huys by Burney (p. 146) and comes to the conclusion that that instrument and those in Paris were the instruments from Antwerp mentioned by Burney (p. 150).

For critical measurements & other details see Adrian Brown's Renaissance Recorders Database; Baines (1966: 81 & fig. 425-427; Brown (2005b: 534).
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