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Collection Abbreviation I-Bologna: Leuterius
Maker Abbreviation Anonymous
Lowest Note bb'
Size soprano/fourth-flute
Year Made c.1680
Pitch 415
Pieces 3
Length 375
Material Body ebony
Material Mounts ivory beak, ferules & foot
Material Keys
Notes Seller's Notes: French recorder (Flute de quatre), fingering of Hotteterre, perhaps it was built by Bressan (circa 1670/1680), Bb 415, perfect conditions, Macassarian ebony, amazing sound, length 375 mm. this flute was found in Australia! The block has been redone by Paolo Sopranzi, a builder and flute expert who has been able to observe and measure all my Flute collection for a long time and who has verified its originality, the original block, however, I have it and I must say that it sounds better with the original block !! You can come to Bologna to see and try the instrument without problems! The link to listen to a short sound example:

Offered for sale for £45,000.00 by

19/C, Via Rialto - 40124 Bologna (BO)
Tel. 051 7459355

I see no reason to attribute this to Bressan!
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