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Collection Abbreviation D-Eisenach: Bachhaus
Accession 1-98 (115)
Maker Abbreviation JC Denner
Lowest Note c#''+
Size soprano
Year Made 1682
Pitch 440
Pieces 2
Length 321.5
Material Body plum
Material Mounts
Material Keys
Notes Stamp on bottom of foot section has been read as 'I.D. & Felbinger 1682'. Sounding length 281.5 mm. Renaissance-shaped exterior profile. Said to be made of jacaranda wood by Legêne (1995), of plum by Klemisch (2006).

Lowest note and performing pitch from Brown (2005b). Haynes (2002) gives this instrument a nominal pitch of d'' at a performance pitch of A=395 Hz.

For critical measurements & further details see Adrian Brown's Renaissance Recorders Database; Brown (2005b: 535).

Said to be revolutionary because of its conical bore (Klemisch, 2006).

Baines (1966: 80 & fig. 419)
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