Collection Abbreviation USA-DC-Washington: DCM
Accession DCM 1321 (S.33)
Maker Abbreviation Palanca
Lowest Note c'
Size tenor
Year Made
Pitch 438
Pieces 3
Length 611
Material Body box, fruitwood
Material Mounts
Material Keys
Notes Stamped on all 3 sections: CARLO | PALANCA.
Beak slightly chipped. Foot joint cracked at both ends. Upper end poorly repaired with brass ferrule, partially set in approximately 1 mm. Bought from Alex Hodson, Lavenham, Surrey, England (1937).

Nominal and performance pitch from Haynes (2002: 452).

Further details & image here.

Saunders (2010: 13-14) gives a detailed plan of this instrument. She notes that the pitch is A=440 Hz. She also reports that the head and foot are made from second-class material with a wavy, knotty grain, and that the windway entrance is almost closed giving the recorder a very soft sound.
Photographs by DCM, measurements, technical drawings by Joanne Saunders: de Avena Braga (2015: 51-53, 328-333, figs 95-109).