Collection Abbreviation I-Bologna: Luterius
Maker Abbreviation Anonymous
Lowest Note
Size basset
Year Made 1690
Pieces 3
Keys 1
Material Body wood, ebonised, bocal in brass & ivory
Material Mounts
Material Keys brass
Notes Seller's Notes: Bass Flute built in Nuremberg in 1690/1700, probably by J.C. Denner, in good condition, needs a restoration because the head has a crack on the back. Length 100 mm. Presents brands with three lilies. Please contact me for any information without problems! Shipping in US and Japan £ 90 free withdrawal in Bologna.

Offered for sale at £35.000 by
19/C, Via Rialto - 40124 Bologna (BO)
Tel. 051 7459355

I see no reason to attribute this to any of the Denners or other Nuremberg makers. The maker's mark is an unusual one and appears to represent a highly stylised fleur-de-lis, probably indicating a French maker or client.