Collection Abbreviation D-Ilshofen: Thalheimer
Accession 456/194
Maker Abbreviation Otto
Lowest Note c'
Size tenor
Year Made 1940
Pitch 435
Pieces 3
Length 640
Keys 2
Material Body maple
Material Mounts 2 nickel silver ferrules
Material Keys nickel silver
Notes Distributor's mark: C.A. Wunderlich / Siebenbrunn (Vgtl.)
Harlan fingering
One of the keys is for the lowermost finger-hole; the other, operated by the little finger of the uppermost hand, opens a hole between fingerholes 4 and 5 to give a b♮'. This construction is to be found in instruments built by Otto for Hermann J. Moeck in Celle after 1945. These keys were subsequently adopted by other workshops.
Thalheimer (2013: 127)