Collection Abbreviation D-Ilshofen: Thalheimer
Accession 764/438
Maker Abbreviation Otto
Lowest Note c'
Size tenor
Year Made 1933
Pitch 435
Pieces 3
Length 647
Keys 1
Material Body cocobolo with ebonite beak
Material Mounts 2 nickel silver ferrules; beak ebonite-sheathed
Material Keys nickel silver
Notes Distributor's mark on beak: NAGEL
Mark on beak: D.R.G.M. 1. 249 532 / D.R.G.M. 1 248 339
Harlan fingering
The Deutches-Reichs-Gebrauchs Muster (a sort of patent) for ebonite recorder blocks was issued to Rudolf Otto in 1932; that for the ebonite sheathing on the beak was issued in 19323.
Otto supplied this model exclusively to the firm Adolph Nagel in Hanover. Franz Julius Giesbert noted of a corresponding soprano recorder that "... the sound is slightly softer than the soprano recorder made entirely of Cocopolo [sic]".
Thalheimer (2013: 122-123)